Spawning Aggregations of Gadus morhua

The Fish Aggregation Database (FAD) is maintained by the Science and Conservation of Fish Aggregations group (SCRFA). Its goal is to establish a basis for related planning, education and research, and for identifying conservation and management needs.

The present page is a first link between FishBase and the SCRFA/FAD to enrich both databases. Please notify us of any discrepancy you would find between FAD and other parts of FishBase. FAD will be updated twice a year in FishBase.

Further information can be found on the fields / parameters in the original database, and on some statistics.

[ n = 6 ]

Country Spawning type Aggregation type Status
Canada Unknown Unknown Gone
Canada Unknown Unknown Gone
Canada Unknown Unknown Gone
Norway Unknown Resident Decreasing
Sweden Unknown Unknown Decreasing
USA Group spawning Resident Decreasing