Spawning Aggregations of Gadus morhua

Main Ref. Sveda¨ng, S. & Bardon, G., 2002, Spatial and temporal aspects of the decline in cod (Gadus morhua L.) abundance in the Kattegat and eastern Skagerrak, ICES Journal of Marine Science: 59 doi:10.1006/jmsc.2002.1330; Vitale, F., B¨orjesson, P.,Sved¨ang, H. & Casini, M., 2008, The spatial distribution of cod (Gadus morhua L.) spawning grounds in the Kattegat, eastern North Sea, Fisheries Research: 90 pp. 36 - 44; VITALE, F., CARDINALE, M. & SVEDA¨ NG, H., 2005, Evaluation of the temporal development of the ovaries in Gadus morhua from the Sound and Kattegat, North Sea, Journal of Fish Biology: 67 pp. 669 - 683
Spawning type Unknown
Aggregation type Unknown
Spawning evidence
GSI; High seasonal landings; Mature gonads
Status Decreasing
Lunar phase
Habitat type Gravel; Mud; Rubble; Rocky reef; Sand
Management Time/area closure; Landing quota; Size limits Gear Bottom Trawl; Unknown; Danish seine; Hook and Line
Country Sweden
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