Spawning Aggregations of Gadus morhua

Main Ref. Armstrong MP, Dean MJ, Hoffman WS, Zemeckis DR, Nies TA, Pierce DE, Diodati PJ, McKiernan DJ, 2013, The application of small scale fishery closures to protect Atlantic cod spawning aggregations in the inshore Gulf of Maine, Fisheries Research 141:62-69; Ames, E. & Conkling, P. , 1997, Cod and haddock spawning grounds in the Gulf of Maine from grand Manan Channel to Ipswich Bay with maps and satellite images, Island Institute, 410 Main Street, Rockland ME 04841; Micah J. Dean,* William S. Hoffman, and Michael P. Armstrong, 2012, Disruption of an Atlantic Cod Spawning Aggregation Resulting from the Opening of a Directed Gill-Net Fishery, North American Journal of Fisheries Management 32:124–134
Spawning type Group spawning
Aggregation type Resident
Spawning evidence
Hydrated eggs
Mature gonads
Status Decreasing
Lunar phase
Habitat type Mud; Rubble; Gravel
Management Marine Protected Area; Time/area closure Gear Gill net; Longline; Bottom Trawl; Hook and Line
Country United States (contiguous states)
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