Scomber scombrus, Atlantic mackerel : fisheries, gamefish
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Scomber scombrus Linnaeus, 1758

Atlantic mackerel
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Image of Scomber scombrus (Atlantic mackerel)
Scomber scombrus
Picture by Svensen, E.

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Teleostei > Scombriformes (Mackerels) 鱸形目 (Mackerels) > Scombridae (Mackerels, tunas, bonitos) 鯖科 (Mackerels, tunas, bonitos) > Scombrinae
Etymology: Scomber: Greek, skombros = tunny or mackerel, 1623 (Ref. 45335).
More on author: Linnaeus.

Environment: milieu / climate zone / depth range / distribution range 生態學

海洋; 半鹹淡水; 海洋洄游的 (Ref. 51243); 深度上下限 0 - 1000 m (Ref. 54254), usually 0 - 200 m (Ref. 54254). 溫帶; 75°N - 30°N, 77°W - 42°E

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North Atlantic: including the Mediterranean.
東大西洋: 包括西南方的波羅海,地中海與黑海。 西大西洋: 對岬注意的拉布拉多。

Length at first maturity / 大小 / 重量 / 年齡

Maturity: Lm 28.7, range 34 - ? cm
Max length : 60.0 cm FL 雄魚/尚未辨別雌雄; (Ref. 35388); common length : 30.0 cm FL 雄魚/尚未辨別雌雄; (Ref. 168); 最大體重: 3.4 kg (Ref. 9988); 最大年齡: 17 年 (Ref. 207)

簡短描述 型態特徵 | 形態測量圖

背棘 (總數): 8 - 14; 背的軟條 (總數): 113; 臀棘 1; 臀鰭軟條: 12 - 13; 脊椎骨: 31. This species has the following characters: no well developed corselet; interpelvic process small and single; anal fin spine conspicuous, joined to the fin by a membrane but clearly independent of it; anal fin origin opposite that of second dorsal fin; no swim bladder; first haemal spine anterior to first interneural process; 21-28 interneural bones under first dorsal fin; markings on back oblique to near vertical, with relatively little undulating; belly unmarked (Ref. 168).
沒有發展良好的甲胄。 腹鰭間的突起小的與單個。 臀鰭棘顯著的, 連到了鰭經由一個膜但是清楚獨立的它。 第二背鰭鰭的那對面的臀鰭起源。 泳鰾不存在。 第一個脈棘第一個位於背側間的突起前; 在第一背鰭下面的 21 到 28個背側間的硬骨。 斑紋背面斜的到接近垂直的, 有相當波動的一點點; 腹面無標記的。

生物學特性     字彙 (例如 epibenthic)

Abundant in cold and temperate shelf areas, forms large schools near the surface. They overwinter in deeper waters but move closer to shore in spring when water temperatures range between 11° and 14°C. Mainly diurnal, it feeds on zooplankton and small fish. Eggs and larvae are pelagic (Ref. 6769). Batch spawner (Ref. 51846). The species is traded fresh, frozen, smoked and canned. Eaten fried, broiled and baked (Ref. 9988). Two stocks in north-east Atlantic: North Sea (east) and British Isles (west). North Sea stock decreased dramatically in the 1960's because of direct overfishing. Recruitment has been poor and unstable. After spawning, the adult feed very actively moving around in small shoals (Ref. 35388).

豐富的在寒冷與溫帶大陸棚區域, 形成大群魚群接近水表面。 他們在較深的水域中過冬但是在水溫在 11個 ° 與 14個 ° C. 之間排列的春天移動更靠近海岸 主要日行性, 它吃浮游動物與小魚。 卵與仔魚是大洋性的。 分批產卵者.(參考文獻 51846) 此魚種生鮮地被交易,冷凍,煙燻.而且裝於罐頭。 油炸後食用, 火烤.而且燒烤.。 (參考文獻 9988) 在東北方大西洋的二分枝: 北海 (東方) 與英國人成為島嶼 (西方) 。 北海分枝在 1960 年代中戲劇性地減少.由於直接的捕撈過度。 入添已經是少量的與不穩定。 在產卵之後,成魚非常活躍地吃小的淺灘中到處移動。 (參考文獻 35388) 這種的鯖 handliners 漁場西南部已經被檢定藉由海洋的總管職務會議 ( 當管理良好且族群能維持。

Life cycle and mating behavior 成熟度 | 繁殖 | 產卵場 | | 孕卵數 | 仔魚

東大西洋: 包括西南方的波羅海,地中海與黑海。 西大西洋: 對岬注意的拉布拉多。

主要參考資料 Upload your references | 參考文獻 | 合作者 : Collette, Bruce B. | 合作者

Collette, B.B. and C.E. Nauen, 1983. FAO Species Catalogue. Vol. 2. Scombrids of the world. An annotated and illustrated catalogue of tunas, mackerels, bonitos and related species known to date. Rome: FAO. FAO Fish. Synop. 125(2):137 p. (Ref. 168)

IUCN 瀕危狀態 (Ref. 126983)

  無危 (LC) ; Date assessed: 10 September 2010


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CMS (Ref. 116361)

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