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active valley wall processes, valley wall processes, wall processes
active water table, water table, table
algal wash, wash
anonymous work, work travail anonyme trabajo anónimo trabalho anónimo
asymptotic weight, weight Winf poids asymptotique peso asintótico peso assimptótico
available work, work travail disponible trabajo disponible trabalho disponível
ballast water, water
Beaufort wind scale, wind scale, scale
body width, width
brackish water, water eau saumâtre agua salobre água salobra
Cales and weed-whitings, and weed-whitings, weed-whitings odácidos? Odacídeos
capillary water, water
cestode worms, worms vers cestodes gusanos cestodos céstodes
coastal waters, waters
conserved work, work travail conservé trabajo conservado trabalho validado pela Comissão
deep water, water
dilution water, water
dressing weight, weight poids de parage peso preparado; peso eviscerado y descabezado peso eviscerado
edge waves, waves
external wave, wave
fin web, web
fish weiner, weiner
fish weire, weire; weir; barricade, weir; barricade bordigue; bourdigue
fish well, well
fish wheel, wheel
Fish Wiener, Wiener
Flabby whalefishes, whalefishes poissons-baleines cetomímidos Cetomimídeos
following wind, wind
food web, web réseau alimentaire red trófica teia trófica
forced wave, wave
head width, width HW
inshore waters, waters eaux côtières aguas costeras águas interiores
intertidal lagoon with intertidal connection, lagoon with intertidal connection, with intertidal connection lagon intertidal avec chenal de connection laguna intermareal con conexión intermareal lagoa aberta ao mar
maximum weight, weight Wmax poids maximum peso máximo
mouth width, width
multi-sea-winter fish, Sea Winter, Winter MSW
Naturhistorisches Museum, Wien, Museum, Wien, Wien NMW Naturhistorisches Museum, Vienne Museu de História Natural, Viena
nearshore waters, waters eaux littorales águas neríticas
offshore waters, waters haute mer mar aberto
one-sea-winter fish, Sea Winter, Winter 1SW
onshore waters, waters eaux côtières águas neríticas
pale or white patches on the skin, or white patches on the skin, white patches on the skin
published work, work travail publié trabalho publicado
Redmouth whalefishes, whalefishes poissons-baleines Rondeletídeos
rejected work, work travail rejeté trabalho rejeitado
round weight, weight
salt wedge, wedge
sea water, water
shelf waters, waters
shore weir, weir
slope waters, waters
Staatliches Museum Wiesbaden, Museum Wiesbaden, Wiesbaden SMW
submarine well, well puits sous-marine fossa submarina
suborbital width, width
suppressed work, work travail invalidé trabalho suprimido
tail walking, walking
trawl winch, winch treuil de peche
unavailable work, work travail indisponible trabalho indisponível
Velvet whalefishes, whalefishes Barbourisídeos
Wallace's line, line ligne de Wallace linha de Wallace
warm monomictic
warm spring
warm water
Warmgerookte gezouten haring, gezouten haring, haring
warmwater fishes
Warty anglers (handfishes), anglers (handfishes), (handfishes) Braquionictiídeos
Waryfishes guetteurs Notosudídeos
wash zone
water column, column colonne d'eau coluna de água
water content
water hardness, hardness dH
water haul
water mass
water parting
water table
Weasel sharks, sharks Hemigaleídeos
Weberian apparatus, apparatus or ossicles, or ossicles appareil de Weber aparelho de Weber
Weberian ossicles
Weberian vertebrae
Weber's line, line ligne de Weber linha de Weber
weed fish
Weeverfishes vives Traquinídeos
weir déversoir rede de emalhar
West india, india
West indian, indian
West Pacific, Pacific Pacifique Ouest Pacífico Oeste
Westark Community College, Arkansas, Westark Community College WCC Westark Community College, Arkansas Colégio da Comunidade Westark, Arkansas
Western Australian Museum, Australian Museum, Museum WAM Western Australian Museum
Westoll lines
wet cured
wet deposition
wet fish
wet reduction
wet salted
Wet salted fish, salted fish, fish
wet stack
wet weight
Whale shark, shark requins baleines Rincodontídeos
Whalelike catfishes, catfishes cétopsidés Cetopsídeos
Whiptail breams, breams cohanas Nemipterídeos
White fish, fish
White Sea, Sea
White sharks, sharks requins blancs Lamnídeos
white spots on skin, fins, tails or eyes, spots on skin, fins, tails or eyes, on skin, fins, tails or eyes
white wings
whitebait stage, stage
whole fish, fish
Wichita State University, Kansas, Wichita State University WSU Wichita State University, Kansas Universidade de Wichita, Kansas
wicker trap
Wide Area Information Server, Area Information Server, Information Server WAIS Serveur d'information à large spectre Wide Area Information
Wide Area Network, Area Network, Network WAN réseau régional Wide Area Network
width WD largeur largura
width of perivitelline space, of periviteline space, periviteline space largeur de l'espace du périvitellin
Wiener Linie
Wiener Zoll
wild spawning, spawning
wild species, species espèce sauvage espécie selvagem
wild stock, stock
Wilfrid Laurier University Zoological Museum Ichthyological Collection, Ontario, Wilfrid Laurier University Zoological Museum Ichthyological WLUB Wilfrid Laurier University Zoological Museum Universidade Wilfrid Laurier, Colecção Zoológica, Ontário
wind dried fish
windward au vent a favor do vento
Winf Winf Pinf Peso assimptótico
winter pond
withdrawal period
within family selection, family selection, selection sélection au sein d'une famille seleção intrafamiliar
Wolf herrings, herring chirocentres
Wolffian duct
Wolffishes poissons-loups Anarincadídeos
wool-like growths, growths
work travail trabalho
work of an animal, of an animal, an animal trace animale registo fóssil de bioactividade
Workstation poste de travail Workstation
World Wide Web, Wide Web, Web WWW Toile Mondiale WWW
Worm or spaghetti eels, or spaghetti eels, spaghetti eels serpentons Moringuídeos
Wormfishes Microsdesmídeos
wounding gear, gear
Wrasses labres Labrídeos
Wreckfishes cerniers Poliprionídeos
Wrymouths terrassiers Criptacantodídeos
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