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aplacental yolksac viviparity, yolksac viviparity, viviparity
baker’s yeast, yeast
granular yolk, yolk
gular gulaire yugal?? jugular
homogenous yolk, yolk vitellin homogène
jugular jugulaire yugular jugular
long-term potential yield, potential yield, yield rendement potentiel à long terme rendimiento potencial a largo plazo captura máxima
maximum sustainable yield, yield MSY production maximum équilibrée captura máxima sustentada
National Sun Yat-Sen University, Sun Yat-Sen University, Yat-Sen University NSYSU National Sun Yat-Sen University
replacement yield, yield
segmented yolk, yolk vitellin segmenté
Yale University Peabody Museum of Natural History, Connecticut, Yale University Peabody Museum of Natural History YPM Yale University Peabody Museum of Natural History, Connecticut le Universidade de Yale; Museu Peabody de História, Connecticut
yard seine, seine
year brood, brood
year class, class
year mark, mark
year-class classe d'âge coorte
yellow cure, cure
yellow eel, eel
yellow fish, fish
Yellow Sea (Hwang Hai), Sea (Hwang Hai), (Hwang Hai)
yield-per-recruit Y/R rendement par recrue captura pelo recrutamento
yield-per-recruit analysis, analysis
Yokosuka City Museum, City Museum, Museum YCM
yolk vitellus
yolk ball, ball
yolk cell, cell
yolk diameter, diameter, diameter diamètre du vitellus
yolk extension, extension
yolk granule, granule
yolk plug, plug bouchon du vitellus
yolk sac, sac sac vitellin saco vitelino
yolk sac larva, sac larva, larva
yolk stalk, stalk
yolk stripe, stripe
yolk-sac sac vittelin
yolk-sac larva, sac larva, larva alevin muni de son sac vittelin
yolk-sac placenta, placenta
yolk-sac viviparity, viviparity
York College , Pennsylvania, York College YC York College , Pennsylvania Colégio York, Pennsylvania
young-of-the-year YOY alevin de l'année
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