Family Scytalinidae - Graveldivers
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Genera : 1 | Species : 1 Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes
Fresh : No | Brackish : No | Marine : Yes
  First Fossil Record
Distribution: Subarctic and cold-temperate North Pacific. Small, elongate and compressed. Extremely agile and when disturbed rapidly escape by burrowing into the substrate. Their adeptness at going to ground earned them the specific name cerdale, meaning the wary one or the fox. Seldom observed or collected even though they occur in some locations in dense concentrations, and probably are most often seen by clam diggers.The generic name Scytalina is a diminutive of Scytale, from the Greek for viper, in allusion to the serpentlike appearance of the head: broad, with expanded cheeks and a distinct neck, and two strong canines in the upper and lower jaws. Eyes small situated high on the head. Dorsal and anal fins supported by thin, flexible spines (no soft rays). Dorsal and anal fins both with 41-51 spines, deeply buried in skin, the fins beginning opposite each other about halfway back on the body confluent with the caudal fin, which is rounded. Pectoral fins tiny and fleshy, with about 8 rays. Pelvic fins and girdle absent. One pair of nostrils (posterior absent). Cephalic mechanosensory canals opening through pores in deep, broad depressions with fleshy raised rims. Trunk lateral line canal, scales, pyloric caeca and swim bladder absent. Teeth conical, present on jaws, vomer, and palatines. Gill membranes broadly united, free from the isthmus. Branchiostegal rays 6 or 7. Gill rakers practically obsolete. Pleural ribs absent. Vertebrae 69-71. Pinkish brown with purplish mottling, caudal fin margin reddish orange. Attains 15 cm maximum total length. Intertidal and shallow subtidal in spaces under rocks and in gravel, broken shells and sand substrates.
Greek, skytale = branch, stick ( Ref. 45335).
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Scytalina cerdale Jordan & Gilbert, 1880
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