Species in the Toba

     n= 27 (Incomplete)
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Species Name Family Habitat Length (cm) Trophic Level Status
Anabas testudineus Climbing perch Anabantidae demersal 25.0 TL 3.0 introduced
Aplocheilus panchax Blue panchax Aplocheilidae benthopelagic 9.0 TL 3.2 native
Barbodes binotatus Spotted barb Cyprinidae benthopelagic 20.0 SL 2.7 native
Barbonymus gonionotus Silver barb Cyprinidae benthopelagic 43.0 TL 2.4 native
Barbonymus schwanefeldii Tinfoil barb Cyprinidae benthopelagic 35.0 SL 2.4 native
Betta imbellis Crescent betta Osphronemidae benthopelagic 6.0 SL 3.2 native
Betta taeniata Borneo betta Osphronemidae benthopelagic 5.5 SL 3.2 native
Channa gachua Red seam snakehead Channidae benthopelagic 32.9 TL 3.8 native
Channa striata Striped snakehead Channidae benthopelagic 100.0 SL 3.6 native
Clarias batrachus Philippine catfish Clariidae demersal 47.0 TL 3.4 native
Ctenopharyngodon idella Grass carp Xenocyprididae benthopelagic 150.0 TL 2.0 introduced
Cyprinus carpio Common carp Cyprinidae benthopelagic 120.0 TL 3.4 introduced
Danio albolineatus Pearl danio Danionidae benthopelagic 9.6 TL 3.0 native
Homalopterula gymnogaster Balitoridae demersal 7.5 TL 3.2 endemic
Monopterus albus Asian swamp eel Synbranchidae demersal 100.0 SL 2.9 native
Nemacheilus pfeifferae Nemacheilidae benthopelagic 6.0 SL 2.8 native
Neolissochilus thienemanni Cyprinidae benthopelagic 21.1 TL 2.3 native
Oreochromis mossambicus Mozambique tilapia Cichlidae benthopelagic 39.0 SL 2.2 introduced
Oreochromis niloticus Nile tilapia Cichlidae benthopelagic 60.0 SL 2.0 introduced
Osphronemus goramy Giant gourami Osphronemidae benthopelagic 70.0 SL 2.8 introduced
Osteochilus vittatus Bonylip barb Cyprinidae benthopelagic 32.0 SL 2.0 native
Poecilia reticulata Guppy Poeciliidae benthopelagic 6.0 SL 3.2 introduced
Rasbora jacobsoni Danionidae benthopelagic 4.7 SL 3.1 native
Tor tambra Cyprinidae benthopelagic 100.0 TL 2.8 native
Trichopodus pectoralis Snakeskin gourami Osphronemidae benthopelagic 25.0 TL 2.8 introduced
Trichopodus trichopterus Three spot gourami Osphronemidae benthopelagic 15.0 SL 2.7 introduced
Xiphophorus hellerii Green swordtail Poeciliidae benthopelagic 16.0 TL 3.2 introduced
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