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Seafood Guide Databases     n = 68
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NameCountryContinent No. of records
ABC Channel Sustainable Fishing GuideAustraliaOceania91
Australia's Sustainable Seafood Mini GuideAustraliaOceania50
Best Fish Guide 2009-2010New ZealandOceania583
BOI Guide to Ocean Friendly SeafoodUSANorth America192
BOI Guide to Ocean Friendly SushiUSANorth America165
Canada's Seafood GuideCanadaNorth America127
Canada's Sustainable Sushi GuideCanadaNorth America62
Cod Species of Eastern AustraliaAustraliaOceania9
Der Greenpeace - Fischratgeber 2010GermanyEurope116
Der WWF-Einkaufsratgeber Fische and Meeresfrüchte 2010 / 2011GermanyEurope344
Eartheasy Sustainable Seafood GuideCanadaNorth America85
Endangered Fish AllianceCanadaNorth America72
Environmental Defense Fund Seafood SelectorUSANorth America345
Friend of the Sea Sustainable SeafoodUSANorth America49
Green America Safe Seafood Tip SheetUSANorth America71
Greenpeace International Seafood Red ListUKEurope68
Greenpeace RatgeberGermanyEurope69
Guía de consumo responsable de PescadoSpainEurope14
Hawaii Seafood Buyers' GuideHawaiiOceania116
Healthy Child Healthy World Safe Fish ChartUSANorth America85
MCS Fishonline Fish to EatUKEurope333
Monterey Fish Market Advisory ListUSANorth America20
Mother Earth News Sustainable SeafoodUSANorth America74
MSC-New ZealandNew ZealandOceania1
MSC-South AfricaSouth AfricaAfrica3
Natural ChoiceUSANorth America44
NCPH Fish Consumption AdvisoriesUSANorth America54
NRDC Mercury in Fish Wallet GuideUSANorth America62
Oceans Alive Health alertsUSANorth America20
Oceans Alive Seafood ChoicesUSANorth America111
On the Menu: A consumer's guide to eating seafood responsiblyCanadaNorth America10
PCC Natural MarketsUSANorth America46
Responsible Seafood GuideUSANorth America75
Sea ChoiceCanadaNorth America167
Seafood Choices AllianceUSANorth America102
Seafood Wallet CardUSANorth America34
Seafood Watch Sushi Sustainable Seafood GuideUSANorth America138
Seafood Watch Sustainable Seafood Guide, National 2008USANorth America1053
Star Chefs Sustainable Seafood GuideUSANorth America52
Sustainable Fishing GuideAustraliaOceania81
The Essential Eating Well Seafood GuideUSANorth America56
The Marine Conservation Society's Pocket Good Fish GuideUKEurope167
VISwijzer 2010/2011New ZealandOceania114
WSDOH Healthy Fish Eating GuideUSANorth America21
WWF-Austria Einkaufs Ratgeber: Fische und MeeresfrüchteAustriaEurope117
WWF-Belgium Consoguide PossionsBelgiumEurope102
WWF-Consumer's SeafoodSouth AfricaAfrica139
WWF-Finland seafood guideFinlandEurope31
WWF-Fish: A Consumer's Guide Eng/FraSwitzerlandEurope74
WWF-Fisk till middagSwedenEurope53
WWF-France seafood guideFranceEurope116
WWF-Guía de bolsilloSpainEurope51
WWF-Guia de butxacaSpainEurope56
WWF-HongKong Seafood GuideHong KongAsia102
WWF-Indonesia Healthy Seas, Healthy Seafood: Consumer Guide to Sustainable SeafoodIndonesiaAsia55
WWF-Italy Seafood guideItalyEurope127
WWF-Laut Sehat Seafood SehatIndonesiaAsia36
WWF-Malaysia: Save Our SeafoodMalaysiaAsia57
WWF-Netherlands seafood guideNetherlandsEurope63
WWF-Norway SjømatguideNorwayEurope39
WWF-SASSI Seafood GuideSouth AfricaAfrica408
WWF-Singapore: The Singapore Seafood GuideSingaporeAsia58
WWF-Switzerland FISH: A Consumer's GuideSwitzerlandEurope128
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