List of Species Treated in Reference And Used in FishBase
n = 20
Species Name Used in Reference
Ophichthus alleni McCosker, 2010 Ophichthus alleni (p. 6;fig.8-10;tab.1)
Ophichthus aniptocheilos McCosker, 2010 Ophichthus aniptocheilos (p. 9;fig.11-12)
Ophichthus aphotistos McCosker & Chen, 2000 Ophichthus aphotistos (p. 11)
Ophichthus brachynotopterus Karrer, 1983 Ophichthus brachynotopterus (p. 11)
Ophichthus congroides McCosker, 2010 Ophichthus congroides (p. 12;fig.13-15)
Ophichthus echeloides (D'Ancona, 1928) Ophichthus echeloides (p. 15)
Ophichthus exourus McCosker, 1999 Ophichthus exourus (p. 15)
Ophichthus genie McCosker, 1999 Ophichthus genie (p. 16)
Ophichthus hirritus McCosker, 2010 Ophichthus hirritus (p. 16;fig.16-18;tab.2)
Ophichthus humanni McCosker, 2010 Ophichthus humanni (p. 18;fig.19-21)
Ophichthus ishiyamorum McCosker, 2010 Ophichthus ishiyamorum (p. 22;fig.22-25)
Ophichthus kunaloa McCosker, 1979 Ophichthus kunaloa (p. 25)
Ophichthus lentiginosus McCosker, 2010 Ophichthus lentiginosus (p. 25;fig.26-28)
Ophichthus megalops Asano, 1987 Ophichthus megalops (p. 26)
Ophichthus microstictus McCosker, 2010 Ophichthus microstictus (p. 28;fig.29-31;tab.3)
Ophichthus mystacinus McCosker, 1999 Ophichthus mystacinus (p. 31)
Ophichthus serpentinus Seale, 1917 Ophichthus serpentinus (p. 32)
Ophichthus tomioi McCosker, 2010 Ophichthus tomioi (p. 32;fig.32-35;tab.4)
Ophichthus urolophus (Temminck & Schlegel, 1846) Ophichthus urolophus (p. 37)
Pisodonophis cancrivorus (Richardson, 1848) Pisodonophis cancrivorus (p. 2)
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