List of Species Treated in Reference And Used in FishBase
n = 116
Species Name Used in Reference
Barboides gracilis Brüning, 1929 Barboides gracilis (p. 469;fig.17.1)
Enteromius ablabes (Bleeker, 1863) Barbus ablabes (p. 501;fig.17.28)
Enteromius ablabes (Bleeker, 1863) Enteromius ablabes (p. )
Enteromius aboinensis (Boulenger, 1911) Barbus aboinensis (p. 503;fig.17.29)
Enteromius aboinensis (Boulenger, 1911) Enteromius aboinensis (p. )
Enteromius aloyi (Roman, 1971) Barbus aloyi (p. 481;fig.17.7)
Enteromius aloyi (Roman, 1971) Enteromius aloyi (p. )
Enteromius aspilus (Boulenger, 1907) Barbus aspilus (p. 479;fig.17.5)
Enteromius bourdariei (Pellegrin, 1928) Barbus bourdariei (p. 477;fig.17.2)
Enteromius bourdariei (Pellegrin, 1928) Enteromius bourdariei (p. )
Enteromius brazzai (Pellegrin, 1901) Barbus brazzai (p. 479;fig.17.4)
Enteromius brichardi (Poll & Lambert, 1959) Barbus brichardi (p. 494;fig.17.19)
Enteromius brichardi (Poll & Lambert, 1959) Enteromius brichardi (p. )
Enteromius callipterus (Boulenger, 1907) Barbus callipterus (p. 493;fig.17.18)
Enteromius callipterus (Boulenger, 1907) Enteromius callipterus (p. )
Enteromius camptacanthus (Bleeker, 1863) Barbus camptacanthus (p. 494;fig.17.20)
Enteromius carens (Boulenger, 1912) Barbus carens (p. 481;fig.17.6)
Enteromius catenarius (Poll & Lambert, 1959) Barbus catenarius (p. 499;fig.17.23)
Enteromius catenarius (Poll & Lambert, 1959) Enteromius catenarius (p. )
Enteromius chlorotaenia (Boulenger, 1911) Barbus chlorotaenia (p. 505;fig.17.30)
Enteromius chlorotaenia (Boulenger, 1911) Enteromius chlorotaenia (p. )
Enteromius collarti (Poll, 1945) Barbus collarti (p. 485;fig.17.10)
Enteromius collarti (Poll, 1945) Enteromius collarti (p. )
Enteromius condei (Mahnert & Géry, 1982) Barbus condei (p. 485;fig.17.11)
Enteromius condei (Mahnert & Géry, 1982) Enteromius condei (p. )
Enteromius diamouanganai (Teugels & Mamonekene, 1992) Barbus diamouanganai (p. 511;fig.17.36)
Enteromius diamouanganai (Teugels & Mamonekene, 1992) Enteromius diamouanganai (p. )
Enteromius guirali (Thominot, 1886) Barbus guirali (p. 491;fig.17.17)
Enteromius holotaenia (Boulenger, 1904) Barbus holotaenia (p. 509;fig.17.35)
Enteromius jae (Boulenger, 1903) Barbus jae (p. 488;fig.17.14)
Enteromius kuiluensis (Pellegrin, 1930) Barbus kuiluensis (p. 499;fig.17.24)
Enteromius kuiluensis (Pellegrin, 1930) Enteromius kuiluensis (p. )
Enteromius martorelli (Roman, 1971) Barbus martorelli (p. 507;fig.17.33)
Enteromius nigeriensis (Boulenger, 1903) Barbus nigeriensis (p. 501;fig.17.27)
Enteromius nigeriensis (Boulenger, 1903) Enteromius nigeriensis (p. )
Enteromius nigroluteus (Pellegrin, 1930) Barbus nigroluteus (p. 483;fig.17.8)
Enteromius nigroluteus (Pellegrin, 1930) Enteromius nigroluteus (p. )
Enteromius nounensis (Van den Bergh & Teugels, 1998) Barbus nounensis (p. 487;fig.17.12)
Enteromius nounensis (Van den Bergh & Teugels, 1998) Enteromius nounensis (p. )
Enteromius parajae (Van den Bergh & Teugels, 1998) Barbus parajae (p. 487;fig.17.13)
Enteromius parajae (Van den Bergh & Teugels, 1998) Enteromius parajae (p. )
Enteromius prionacanthus (Mahnert & Géry, 1982) Barbus prionacanthus (p. 509:fig.17.34)
Enteromius prionacanthus (Mahnert & Géry, 1982) Enteromius prionacanthus (p. )
Enteromius punctitaeniatus (Daget, 1954) Barbus punctitaeniatus (p. 489;fig.17.15)
Enteromius punctitaeniatus (Daget, 1954) Enteromius punctitaeniatus (p. )
Enteromius rouxi (Daget, 1962) Barbus rouxi (p. 491;fig.17.16)
Enteromius rouxi (Daget, 1962) Enteromius rouxi (p. )
Enteromius rubrostigma (Poll & Lambert, 1964) Barbus rubrostigma (p. 505;fig.17.31)
Enteromius rubrostigma (Poll & Lambert, 1964) Enteromius rubrostigma (p. )
Enteromius stauchi (Daget, 1967) Barbus stauchi (p. 507;fig.17.32)
Enteromius stauchi (Daget, 1967) Enteromius stauchi (p. )
Enteromius stigmatopygus (Boulenger, 1903) Barbus stigmatopygus (p. 483;fig.17.9)
Enteromius stigmatopygus (Boulenger, 1903) Enteromius stigmatopygus (p. )
Enteromius sublineatus (Daget, 1954) Barbus sublineatus (p. 499;fig.17.25)
Enteromius sublineatus (Daget, 1954) Enteromius sublineatus (p. )
Enteromius taeniurus (Boulenger, 1903) Barbus taeniurus (p. 497;fig.17.22)
Enteromius taeniurus (Boulenger, 1903) Enteromius taeniurus (p. )
Enteromius tegulifer (Fowler, 1936) Barbus tegulifer (p. 497;fig.17.21)
Enteromius tegulifer (Fowler, 1936) Enteromius tegulifer (p. )
Enteromius thysi (Trewavas, 1974) Barbus thysi (p. 501;fig.17.26)
Enteromius thysi (Trewavas, 1974) Enteromius thysi (p. )
Enteromius trispilomimus (Boulenger, 1907) Barbus trispilomimus (p. 479;fig.17.3)
Enteromius trispilomimus (Boulenger, 1907) Enteromius trispilomimus (p. )
Garra dembeensis (Rüppell, 1835) Garra dembeensis (p. 533;fig.17.56)
Garra hindii (Boulenger, 1905) Garra hindii (p. 535)
Garra ornata (Nichols & Griscom, 1917) Garra ornata (p. 535;fig.17.57)
Labeo annectens Boulenger, 1903 Labeo annectens (p. 553;fig.17.72)
Labeo batesii Boulenger, 1911 Labeo batesii (p. 555;fig.17.73)
Labeo camerunensis Trewavas, 1974 Labeo camerunensis (p. 557;fig.17.74)
Labeo lukulae Boulenger, 1902 Labeo lukulae (p. 559;fig.17.76)
Labeo nunensis Pellegrin, 1929 Labeo nunensis (p. 557;fig.17.75)
Labeo sanagaensis Tshibwabwa, 1997 Labeo sanagaensis (p. 561;fig.17.77)
Labeobarbus aspius (Boulenger, 1912) Labeobarbus aspius (p. 515;fig.17.38)
Labeobarbus axelrodi (Getahun, Stiassny & Teugels, 2004) Labeobarbus axelrodi (p. )
Labeobarbus axelrodi (Getahun, Stiassny & Teugels, 2004) Varicorhinus axelrodi (p. 543;fig.17.62)
Labeobarbus batesii (Boulenger, 1903) Labeobarbus batesii (p. 521;fig.17.42)
Labeobarbus brevispinis (Holly, 1927) Labeobarbus brevispinis (p. 521;fig.17.43)
Labeobarbus cardozoi (Boulenger, 1912) Labeobarbus cardozoi (p. 527;fig.17.49)
Labeobarbus caudovittatus (Boulenger, 1902) Labeobarbus caudovittatus (p. 525;fig.17.48)
Labeobarbus compiniei (Sauvage, 1879) Labeobarbus compiniei (p. 529;fig.17.51)
Labeobarbus fimbriatus (Holly, 1926) Labeobarbus fimbriatus (p. )
Labeobarbus fimbriatus (Holly, 1926) Varicorhinus fimbriatus (p. 541;fig.17.60)
Labeobarbus habereri (Steindachner, 1912) Labeobarbus habereri (p. 517;fig.17.40)
Labeobarbus jaegeri (Holly, 1930) Labeobarbus jaegeri (p. )
Labeobarbus jaegeri (Holly, 1930) Varicorhinus jaegeri (p. 541;fig.17.61)
Labeobarbus lucius (Boulenger, 1910) Labeobarbus lucius (p. 515;fig.17.37)
Labeobarbus malacanthus (Pappenheim, 1911) Labeobarbus malacanthus (p. 521;fig.17.44)
Labeobarbus mariae (Holly, 1926) Labeobarbus mariae (p. )
Labeobarbus mariae (Holly, 1926) Varicorhinus mariae (p. 543;fig.17.63)
Labeobarbus mbami (Holly, 1927) Labeobarbus mbami (p. 525;fig.17.47)
Labeobarbus micronema (Boulenger, 1904) Labeobarbus micronema (p. 519;fig.17.41)
Labeobarbus mungoensis (Trewavas, 1974) Labeobarbus mungoensis (p. 523;fig.17.45)
Labeobarbus progenys (Boulenger, 1903) Labeobarbus progenys (p. 517;fig.17.39)
Labeobarbus rocadasi (Boulenger, 1910) Labeobarbus rocadasi (p. 527;fig.17.50)
Labeobarbus roylii (Boulenger, 1912) Labeobarbus roylii (p. 523;fig.17.46)
Labeobarbus sandersi (Boulenger, 1912) Labeobarbus sandersi (p. )
Labeobarbus sandersi (Boulenger, 1912) Varicorhinus sandersi (p. 543;fig.17.64)
Labeobarbus semireticulatus (Pellegrin, 1924) Labeobarbus semireticulatus (p. )
Labeobarbus semireticulatus (Pellegrin, 1924) Varicorhinus semireticulatus (p. 545;fig.17.65)
Labeobarbus steindachneri (Boulenger, 1910) Labeobarbus steindachneri (p. )
Labeobarbus steindachneri (Boulenger, 1910) Varicorhinus steindachneri (p. 545;fig.17.66)
Labeobarbus tornieri (Steindachner, 1906) Labeobarbus tornieri (p. )
Labeobarbus tornieri (Steindachner, 1906) Varicorhinus tornieri (p. 547;fig.17.67)
Labeobarbus versluysii (Holly, 1929) Labeobarbus versluysii (p. 529;fig.17.52)
Labeobarbus werneri (Holly, 1929) Labeobarbus werneri (p. )
Labeobarbus werneri (Holly, 1929) Varicorhinus werneri (p. 549;fig.17.68)
Leptocypris crossensis Howes & Teugels, 1989 Leptocypris crossensis (p. 563;fig.17.80)
Leptocypris niloticus (Joannis, 1835) Leptocypris niloticus (p. 563;fig.17.79)
Opsaridium ubangiense (Pellegrin, 1901) Opsaridium ubangiense (p. 569;fig.17.85)
Prolabeops melanhypopterus (Pellegrin, 1928) Prolabeops melanhypopterus (p. 531;fig.17.53)
Prolabeops nyongensis Daget, 1984 Prolabeops nyongensis (p. 531;fig.17.54)
Raiamas batesii (Boulenger, 1914) Raiamas batesii (p. 567;fig.17.81)
Raiamas buchholzi (Peters, 1876) Raiamas buchholzi (p. 567;fig.17.82)
Raiamas nigeriensis (Daget, 1959) Raiamas nigeriensis (p. 567;fig.17.83)
Raiamas senegalensis (Steindachner, 1870) Raiamas senegalensis (p. 569;fig.17.84)
Sanagia velifera Holly, 1926 Sanagia velifera (p. 537;fig.17.58)
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