List of Species Treated in Reference And Used in FishBase
n = 18
Species Name Used in Reference
Chaenogobius annularis Gill, 1859 Chaenogobius annularis (p. 259;fig.4A,5A)
Chaenogobius annularis Gill, 1859 Chaenogobius dolichognathus (p. )
Chaenogobius gulosus (Sauvage, 1882) Chaenogobius gulosus (p. 262;fig.4B,5B)
Gymnogobius breunigii (Steindachner, 1879) Gymnogobius breunigii (p. 276;fig.4E,5E)
Gymnogobius castaneus (O'Shaughnessy, 1875) Gymnogobius castaneus (p. 272;fig.4C,5C)
Gymnogobius cylindricus (Tomiyama, 1936) Gymnogobius cylindricus (p. 253;fig.4F,6A,B;tab.1)
Gymnogobius heptacanthus (Hilgendorf, 1879) Gymnogobius heptacanthus (p. 290;fig.4J)
Gymnogobius isaza (Tanaka, 1916) Gymnogobius isaza (p. 295;fig.4L,8A)
Gymnogobius macrognathos (Bleeker, 1860) Gymnogobius macrognathos (p. 285;fig.4H,7A,B)
Gymnogobius mororanus (Jordan & Snyder, 1901) Gymnogobius mororanus (p. 293;fig.4K)
Gymnogobius nigrimembranis (Wu & Wang, 1931) Gobius nigrimembranis (p. 307)
Gymnogobius opperiens Stevenson, 2002 Gymnogobius opperiens (p. 299;fig.4N,8C)
Gymnogobius petschiliensis (Rendahl, 1924) Gymnogobius petschiliensis (p. 296;fig.4M,8B)
Gymnogobius scrobiculatus (Takagi, 1957) Gymnogobius scrobiculatus (p. 281;fig.4G,6C,D)
Gymnogobius taranetzi (Pinchuk, 1978) Gymnogobius taranetzi (p. 274;fig.4D,5D)
Gymnogobius transversefasciatus (Wu & Zhou, 1990) Gymnogobius transversefasciatus (p. )
Gymnogobius uchidai (Takagi, 1957) Gymnogobius uchidai (p. fig.4I,7C-D)
Gymnogobius urotaenia (Hilgendorf, 1879) Gymnogobius urotaenia (p. 303;fig.4O,8D)
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