List of Species Treated in Reference And Used in FishBase
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Species Name Used in Reference
Alestes baremoze (Joannis, 1835) Alestes baremoze (p. 247;fig.20.8)
Alestes dentex (Linnaeus, 1758) Alestes dentex (p. 249;fig.20.9)
Alestes macrophthalmus Günther, 1867 Alestes macrophthalmus (p. 249;fig.20.10)
Alestopetersius smykalai Poll, 1967 Alestopetersius smykalai (p. )
Alestopetersius smykalai Poll, 1967 Rhabdalestes smykalai (p. 275;fig.20.29)
Arnoldichthys spilopterus (Boulenger, 1909) Arnoldichthys spilopterus (p. 277;fig.20.32)
Brycinus brevis (Boulenger, 1903) Brycinus brevis (p. 263;fig.20.21)
Brycinus carolinae (Paugy & Lévêque, 1981) Brycinus carolinae (p. 261;fig.20.18)
Brycinus derhami Géry & Mahnert, 1977 Brycinus derhami (p. 257;fig.20.16)
Brycinus imberi (Peters, 1852) Brycinus imberi (p. 261;fig.20.20)
Brycinus intermedius (Boulenger, 1903) Brycinus intermedius (p. 255;fig.20.13)
Brycinus leuciscus (Günther, 1867) Brycinus leuciscus (p. 253;fig.20.11)
Brycinus luteus (Roman, 1966) Brycinus luteus (p. 253;fig.20.12)
Brycinus macrolepidotus Valenciennes, 1850 Brycinus macrolepidotus (p. 265;fig.20.22)
Brycinus nigricauda (Thys van den Audenaerde, 1974) Brycinus nigricauda (p. 261;fig.20.19)
Brycinus nurse (Rüppell, 1832) Brycinus nurse (p. 259;fig.20.17)
Bryconaethiops quinquesquamae Teugels & Thys van den Audenaerde, 1990 Bryconaethiops quinquesquamae (p. 247;fig.20.7)
Bryconalestes longipinnis (Günther, 1864) Brycinus longipinnis (p. 257;fig.20.15)
Distichodus brevipinnis Günther, 1864 Distichodus brevipinnis (p. 295;fig.21.7)
Distichodus engycephalus Günther, 1864 Distichodus engycephalus (p. 291;fig.21.5)
Distichodus rostratus Günther, 1864 Distichodus rostratus (p. 293;fig.21.6)
Hydrocynus brevis (Günther, 1864) Hydrocynus brevis (p. 241;fig.20.4)
Hydrocynus forskahlii (Cuvier, 1819) Hydrocynus forskahlii (p. )
Hydrocynus forskahlii (Cuvier, 1819) Hydrocynus forskalii (p. 243;fig.20.6)
Hydrocynus vittatus Castelnau, 1861 Hydrocynus vittatus (p. 242;fig.20.5)
Ichthyborus besse (Joannis, 1835) Ichthyborus besse (p. 287;fig.21.2)
Ichthyborus monodi (Pellegrin, 1927) Ichthyborus monodi (p. 289;fig.21.4)
Ichthyborus quadrilineatus (Pellegrin, 1904) Ichthyborus quadrilineatus (p. 289;fig.21.3)
Ladigesia roloffi Géry, 1968 Ladigesia roloffi (p. 279;fig.20.33)
Lepidarchus adonis Roberts, 1966 Lepidarchus adonis (p. 281;fig.20.34)
Micralestes comoensis Poll & Roman, 1967 Micralestes comoensis (p. 269;fig.20.24)
Micralestes eburneensis Daget, 1965 Micralestes eburneensis (p. 271;fig.20.27)
Micralestes elongatus Daget, 1957 Micralestes elongatus (p. 273;fig.20.28)
Micralestes humilis Boulenger, 1899 Micralestes humilis (p. 271;fig.20.26)
Micralestes occidentalis (Günther, 1899) Micralestes occidentalis (p. 269;fig.20.25)
Micralestes pabrensis (Roman, 1966) Micralestes pabrensis (p. 267;fig. 20.23)
Nannocharax ansorgii Boulenger, 1911 Nannocharax ansorgii (p. 299;fig.21.9)
Nannocharax latifasciatus Coenen & Teugels, 1989 Nannocharax latifasciatus (p. 301;fig.21.10)
Nannocharax lineomaculatus Blache & Miton, 1960 Nannocharax lineomaculatus (p. 301;fig.21.11)
Paradistichodus dimidiatus (Pellegrin, 1904) Paradistichodus dimidiatus (p. 295;fig.21.8)
Phago loricatus Günther, 1865 Phago loricatus (p. 283;fig.21.1)
Rhabdalestes brevidorsalis (Pellegrin, 1921) Rhabdalestes brevidorsalis (p. 275;fig.20.30)
Rhabdalestes septentrionalis (Boulenger, 1911) Rhabdalestes septentrionalis (p. 275;fig.20.31)
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