List of Species Treated in Reference And Used in FishBase
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Species Name Used in Reference
Benitochromis batesii (Boulenger, 1901) Benitochromis batesii (p. 326;fig.31.31)
Benitochromis conjunctus Lamboj, 2001 Benitochromis conjunctus (p. 328;fig.31.32)
Benitochromis finleyi (Trewavas, 1974) Benitochromis finleyi (p. 329;fig.31.33)
Benitochromis nigrodorsalis Lamboj, 2001 Benitochromis nigrodorsalis (p. 324;fig.31.29)
Benitochromis riomuniensis (Thys van den Audenaerde, 1981) Benitochromis riomuniensis (p. 330;fig.31.34)
Benitochromis ufermanni Lamboj, 2001 Benitochromis ufermanni (p. 326;fig.31.30)
Chilochromis duponti Boulenger, 1902 Chilochromis duponti (p. 346;fig.31.42)
Chromidotilapia elongata Lamboj, 1999 Chromidotilapia elongata (p. 306;fig.31.21)
Chromidotilapia guntheri (Sauvage, 1882) Chromidotilapia guentheri guentheri (p. 300;fig.31.17)
Chromidotilapia guntheri (Sauvage, 1882) Chromidotilapia guentheri loennbergi (p. 300;fig.31.17)
Chromidotilapia kingsleyae Boulenger, 1898 Chromidotilapia kingsleyae (p. 311;fig.31.24)
Chromidotilapia linkei Staeck, 1980 Chromidotilapia linkei (p. 302;fig.31.18)
Chromidotilapia mamonekenei Lamboj, 1999 Chromidotilapia mamonekenei (p. 309;fig.31.23)
Chromidotilapia melaniae Lamboj, 2003 Chromidotilapia melaniae (p. 307;fig.31.22)
Chromidotilapia mrac Lamboj, 2002 Chromidotilapia mrac (p. 304;fig.31.20)
Chromidotilapia nana Lamboj, 2003 Chromidotilapia nana (p. 302;fig.31.19)
Chromidotilapia regani (Pellegrin, 1906) Chromidotilapia regani (p. 297;fig.31.16)
Congochromis sabinae (Lamboj, 2005) Congochromis sabinae (p. 292;fig.31.15)
Coptodon bakossiorum (Stiassny, Schliewen & Dominey, 1992) Tilapia bakossiorum (p. 377;fig.31.61)
Coptodon bemini (Thys van den Audenaerde, 1972) Tilapia bemini (p. 372;fig.31.57)
Coptodon bythobates (Stiassny, Schliewen & Dominey, 1992) Tilapia bythobates (p. 370;fig.31.55)
Coptodon cameronensis (Holly, 1927) Tilapia cameronensis (p. 362;fig.31.49)
Coptodon camerunensis (Lönnberg, 1903) Tilapia camerunensis (p. 362;fig.31.48)
Coptodon deckerti (Thys van den Audenaerde, 1967) Tilapia deckerti (p. 368;fig.31.53)
Coptodon flava (Stiassny, Schliewen & Dominey, 1992) Tilapia flava (p. 375;fig.31.60)
Coptodon guineensis (Günther, 1862) Tilapia guineensis (p. 364;fig.31.51)
Coptodon gutturosa (Stiassny, Schliewen & Dominey, 1992) Tilapia gutturosa (p. 373;fig.31.59)
Coptodon imbriferna (Stiassny, Schliewen & Dominey, 1992) Tilapia imbriferna (p. 371;fig.31.56)
Coptodon kottae (Lönnberg, 1904) Tilapia kottae (p. 369;fig.31.54)
Coptodon margaritacea (Boulenger, 1916) Tilapia margaritacea (p. 360;fig.31.47)
Coptodon nyongana (Thys van den Audenaerde, 1971) Tilapia nyongana (p. 366;fig.31.52)
Coptodon snyderae (Stiassny, Schliewen & Dominey, 1992) Tilapia snyderae (p. 377;fig.31.63)
Coptodon spongotroktis (Stiassny, Schliewen & Dominey, 1992) Tilapia spongotroktis (p. 377;fig.31.62)
Coptodon tholloni (Sauvage, 1884) Tilapia tholloni (p. 364;fig.31.50)
Coptodon thysi (Stiassny, Schliewen & Dominey, 1992) Tilapia thysi (p. 373;fig.31.58)
Divandu albimarginatus Lamboj & Snoeks, 2000 Divandu albimarginatus (p. 278;fig.31.8)
Etia nguti Schliewen & Stiassny, 2003 Etia nguti (p. 349;fig.31.43)
Gobiocichla ethelwynnae Roberts, 1982 Gobiocichla ethelwynnae (p. 344;fig.31.41)
Hemichromis elongatus (Guichenot, 1861) Hemichromis elongatus (p. 338;fig.31.38)
Konia dikume Trewavas, 1972 Konia dikume (p. 400;fig.31.79)
Konia eisentrauti (Trewavas, 1962) Konia eisentrauti (p. 399;fig.31.78)
Myaka myaka Trewavas, 1972 Myaka myaka (p. 397;fig.31.77)
Oreochromis schwebischi (Sauvage, 1884) Oreochromis schwebischi (p. 381;fig.31.64)
Parananochromis axelrodi Lamboj & Stiassny, 2003 Parananochromis axelrodi (p. 288;fig.31.12)
Parananochromis brevirostris Lamboj & Stiassny, 2003 Parananochromis brevirostris (p. 288;fig.31.13)
Parananochromis caudifasciatus (Boulenger, 1913) Parananochromis caudifasciatus (p. 284;fig.31.10)
Parananochromis gabonicus (Trewavas, 1975) Parananochromis gabonicus (p. 286;fig.31.11)
Parananochromis longirostris (Boulenger, 1903) Parananochromis longirostris (p. 282;fig.31.9)
Parananochromis ornatus Lamboj & Stiassny, 2003 Parananochromis ornatus (p. 290;fig.31.14)
Pelmatochromis nigrofasciatus (Pellegrin, 1900) Pelmatochromis nigrofasciatus (p. 336;fig.31.37)
Pelmatochromis ocellifer Boulenger, 1899 Pelmatochromis ocellifer (p. 337)
Pelmatolapia cabrae (Boulenger, 1899) Tilapia cabrae (p. 359;fig.31.46)
Pelmatolapia mariae (Boulenger, 1899) Tilapia mariae (p. 358;fig.31.45)
Pelvicachromis kribensis (Boulenger, 1911) Pelvicachromis taeniatus (p. 319;fig.31.27)
Pelvicachromis pulcher (Boulenger, 1901) Pelvicachromis pulcher (p. 314;fig.31.25)
Pelvicachromis subocellatus (Günther, 1872) Pelvicachromis subocellatus (p. 316;fig.31.26)
Pelvicachromis taeniatus (Boulenger, 1901) Pelvicachromis taeniatus (p. 318;fig.31.27)
Pungu maclareni (Trewavas, 1962) Pungu maclareni (p. 350;fig.31.44)
Rubricatochromis guttatus (Günther, 1862) Hemichromis guttatus (p. 341;fig.31.39)
Rubricatochromis stellifer (Loiselle, 1979) Hemichromis stellifer (p. 342;fig.31.40)
Sarotherodon caroli (Holly, 1930) Sarotherodon caroli (p. 390;fig.31.71)
Sarotherodon galilaeus (Linnaeus, 1758) Sarotherodon galilaeus galilaeus (p. 391;fig.31.72)
Sarotherodon galilaeus (Linnaeus, 1758) Sarotherodon galilaeus sanagaensis (p. 392;fig.31.73)
Sarotherodon linnellii (Lönnberg, 1903) Sarotherodon linnellii (p. 388;fig.31.68)
Sarotherodon lohbergeri (Holly, 1930) Sarotherodon lohbergeri (p. 386;fig.31.67)
Sarotherodon mvogoi (Thys van den Audenaerde, 1965) Sarotherodon mvogoi (p. 389;fig.31.70)
Sarotherodon nigripinnis (Guichenot, 1861) Sarotherodon nigripinnis dolloi (p. 386;fig.31.66)
Sarotherodon nigripinnis (Guichenot, 1861) Sarotherodon nigripinnis nigripinnis (p. 384;fig.31.65)
Sarotherodon steinbachi (Trewavas, 1962) Sarotherodon steinbachi (p. 388;fig.31.69)
Stomatepia mariae (Holly, 1930) Stomatepia mariae (p. 396;fig.31.76)
Stomatepia mongo Trewavas, 1972 Stomatepia mongo (p. 394;fig.31.74)
Stomatepia pindu Trewavas, 1972 Stomatepia pindu (p. 395;fig.31.75)
Thysochromis ansorgii (Boulenger, 1901) Thysochromis ansorgii (p. 320;fig.31.28)
Tylochromis sudanensis Daget, 1954 Tylochromis sudanensis (p. 332;fig.31.35)
Tylochromis trewavasae Stiassny, 1989 Tylochromis trewavasae (p. 334;fig.31.36)
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