List of Species Treated in Reference And Used in FishBase
n = 19
Species Name Used in Reference
Awaous bustamantei (Greeff, 1882) Awaous bustamantei (p. 521;fig.41.22)
Awaous lateristriga (Duméril, 1861) Awaous lateristriga (p. )
Bathygobius casamancus (Rochebrune, 1880) Bathygobius casamancus (p. 530;fig.41.28)
Bathygobius soporator (Valenciennes, 1837) Bathygobius soporator (p. 531;fig.41.27)
Ctenogobius lepturus (Pfaff, 1933) Ctenogobius lepturus (p. 540;fig.41.35)
Ebomegobius goodi Herre, 1946 Ebomegobius goodi (p. 502;fig.41.6)
Gobioides africanus (Giltay, 1935) Gobioides africanus (p. 500;fig.41.4)
Gobioides sagitta (Günther, 1862) Gobioides sagitta (p. 500;fig.41.3)
Gobionellus occidentalis (Boulenger, 1909) Gobionellus occidentalis (p. 524;fig.41.24)
Kribia nana (Boulenger, 1901) Kribia nana (p. 487;fig.40.13)
Mauligobius nigri (Günther, 1861) Mauligobius nigri (p. 526;fig.41.25)
Nematogobius maindroni (Sauvage, 1880) Nematogobius maindroni (p. 536;fig.41.31)
Parasicydium bandama Risch, 1980 Parasicydium bandama (p. 514;fig.41.16)
Periophthalmus barbarus (Linnaeus, 1766) Periophthalmus barbarus (p. 496;fig.41.2)
Porogobius schlegelii (Günther, 1861) Porogobius schlegelii (p. 538;fig.41.33)
Sicydium brevifile Ogilvie-Grant, 1884 Sicydium brevifile (p. 505;fig.41.7)
Sicydium bustamantei Greeff, 1884 Sicydium bustamantei (p. 511;fig.41.13)
Sicydium crenilabrum Harrison, 1993 Sicydium crenilabrum (p. 507;fig.41.10)
Yongeichthys thomasi (Boulenger, 1916) Yongeichthys thomasi (p. 532;fig.41.29)
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