List of Species Treated in Reference And Used in FishBase
n = 22
Species Name Used in Reference
Holocentrus adscensionis (Osbeck, 1765) Holocentrus ascensionis (p. 1)
Neoniphon argenteus (Valenciennes, 1831) Neoniphon argenteus (p. 3;pl.1,fig.A)
Neoniphon aurolineatus (Liénard, 1839) Neoniphon aurolineatus (p. 3;pl.1,fig.B)
Neoniphon opercularis (Valenciennes, 1831) Neoniphon opercularis (p. 4;pl.1,fig.C)
Neoniphon sammara (Fabricius, 1775) Neoniphon sammara (p. 4;pl.a,fig.D)
Sargocentron caudimaculatum (Rüppell, 1838) Sargocentron caudimaculatum (p. 7;pl.1;fig.E)
Sargocentron diadema (Lacepède, 1802) Sargocentron diadema (p. 8;pl.1;fig.F;fig.5)
Sargocentron ensifer (Jordan & Evermann, 1903) Sargocentron ensiferum (p. 1)
Sargocentron inaequalis Randall & Heemstra, 1985 Sargocentron inaequalis (p. 8;pl.1;fig.G;fig.6-7)
Sargocentron ittodai (Jordan & Fowler, 1902) Sargocentron ittodai (p. 11;pl.1;fig.H;fig.8)
Sargocentron macrosquamis Golani, 1984 Sargocentron macrosquamis (p. 11;fig.9)
Sargocentron melanospilos (Bleeker, 1858) Sargocentron melanospilos (p. 12;pl.1,fig.1)
Sargocentron microstoma (Günther, 1859) Sargocentron microstoma (p. 13;pl.1,fig.J;text fig.4)
Sargocentron praslin (Lacepède, 1802) Sargocentron praslin (p. 14;pl.2,fig.A;text fig.2)
Sargocentron punctatissimum (Cuvier, 1829) Sargocentron punctatissimum (p. 15;pl.2,fig.B;text fig.10)
Sargocentron rubrum (Forsskål, 1775) Sargocentron rubrum (p. 16;pl.2,fig.C)
Sargocentron seychellense (Smith & Smith, 1963) Sargocentron seychellense (p. 18;pl.2,fig.D;text fig.3)
Sargocentron spiniferum (Forsskål, 1775) Sargocentron spiniferum (p. 19;pl.2,fig.E;text fig.11)
Sargocentron tiere (Cuvier, 1829) Sargocentron tiere (p. 20;pl.2,fig.F)
Sargocentron tiereoides (Bleeker, 1853) Sargocentron tiereoides (p. 20;pl.2,fig.G;text fig.2)
Sargocentron violaceum (Bleeker, 1853) Sargocentron violaceum (p. 21;pl.2,fig.H;text fig.1)
Sargocentron xantherythrum (Jordan & Evermann, 1903) Sargocentron xantherythrum (p. )
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