List of Species Treated in Reference And Used in FishBase
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Species Name Used in Reference
Hylopanchax stictopleuron (Fowler, 1949) Hylopanchax stictopleuron (p. 26;fig.)
Hypsopanchax jobaerti Poll & Lambert, 1965 Hypsopanchax jobaerti (p. 32;fig.)
Hypsopanchax jubbi Poll & Lambert, 1965 Hypsopanchax jubbi (p. 34;fig.)
Hypsopanchax platysternus (Nichols & Griscom, 1917) Hypsopanchax platysternus (p. 36;fig.)
Hypsopanchax zebra (Pellegrin, 1929) Hypsopanchax zebra (p. 39;fig.)
Laciris pelagica (Worthington, 1932) Laciris pelagicus (p. 46)
Nothobranchius annectens Watters, Wildekamp & Cooper, 1998 Nothobranchius annectens (p. 144)
Nothobranchius brieni Poll, 1938 Nothobranchius brieni (p. 148;fig.)
Nothobranchius cardinalis Watters, Cooper & Wildekamp, 2008 Nothobranchius rubripinnis (p. 229)
Nothobranchius kafuensis Wildekamp & Rosenstock, 1989 Nothobranchius kafuensis (p. 177)
Nothobranchius kirki Jubb, 1969 Nothobranchius kirki (p. 183;fig.)
Nothobranchius korthausae Meinken, 1973 Nothobranchius korthausae (p. 186;fig.)
Nothobranchius makondorum Wildekamp, Shidlovskiy & Watters, 2009 Nothobranchius melanospilus (p. 197)
Nothobranchius malaissei Wildekamp, 1978 Nothobranchius malaissei (p. 193;fig.)
Nothobranchius melanospilus (Pfeffer, 1896) Nothobranchius melanospilus (p. 196;fig.)
Nothobranchius mkuziensis (Fowler, 1934) Nothobranchius mkuziensis (p. 203)
Nothobranchius neumanni (Hilgendorf, 1905) Nothobranchius neumanni (p. 205)
Nothobranchius occultus Valdesalici, 2014 Nothobranchius nubaensis (p. 210)
Nothobranchius polli Wildekamp, 1978 Nothobranchius polli (p. 222;fig.)
Nothobranchius rachovii Ahl, 1926 Nothobranchius rachovii (p. 224;fig.)
Nothobranchius robustus Ahl, 1935 Nothobranchius robustus (p. 227;fig.)
Nothobranchius rubripinnis Seegers, 1986 Nothobranchius rubripinnis (p. 229;fig.)
Nothobranchius seegersi Valdesalici & Kardashev, 2011 Nothobranchius neumanni (p. 206)
Nothobranchius symoensi Wildekamp, 1978 Nothobranchius symoensi (p. 235;fig.)
Nothobranchius taeniopygus Hilgendorf, 1891 Nothobranchius taeniopygus (p. 237;fig.)
Nothobranchius ugandensis Wildekamp, 1994 Nothobranchius ugandensis (p. 240;fig.)
Nothobranchius virgatus Chambers, 1984 Nothobranchius virgatus (p. 243;fig.)
Plataplochilus chalcopyrus Lambert, 1963 Plataplochilus chalcopyrus (p. )
Plataplochilus loemensis (Pellegrin, 1924) Plataplochilus loemensis (p. 354;fig.)
Platypanchax modestus (Pappenheim, 1914) Platypanchax modestus (p. 364;fig.)
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