List of Species Treated in Reference And Used in FishBase
n = 54
Species Name Used in Reference
Chiloglanis batesii Boulenger, 1904 Chiloglanis batesii (p. 206;fig.30.10)
Chiloglanis benuensis Daget & Stauch, 1963 Chiloglanis benuensis (p. 201;fig.30.6)
Chiloglanis camarabounyi Schmidt & Bart, 2017 Chiloglanis occidentalis (p. 205)
Chiloglanis disneyi Trewavas, 1974 Chiloglanis disneyi (p. 208)
Chiloglanis kabaensis Schmidt & Friel, 2017 Chiloglanis occidentalis (p. 205)
Chiloglanis kolente Schmidt & Bart, 2017 Chiloglanis occidentalis (p. 205)
Chiloglanis lamottei Daget, 1948 Chiloglanis lamottei (p. 203;fig.30.7)
Chiloglanis niger Roberts, 1989 Chiloglanis niger (p. 208)
Chiloglanis normani Pellegrin, 1933 Chiloglanis normani (p. 205;fig.30.9)
Chiloglanis occidentalis Pellegrin, 1933 Chiloglanis occidentalis (p. 204;fig.30.8)
Chiloglanis polyodon Norman, 1932 Chiloglanis polyodon (p. 202)
Chiloglanis polypogon Roberts, 1989 Chiloglanis polypogon (p. 202)
Chiloglanis voltae Daget & Stauch, 1963 Chiloglanis voltae (p. 200;fig.30.5)
Chiloglanis waterloti Daget, 1954 Chiloglanis occidentalis (p. 205)
Microsynodontis polli Lambert, 1958 Microsynodontis polli (p. 212;fig.30.13)
Mochokiella paynei Howes, 1980 Mochokiella paynei (p. 214;fig.30.14)
Mochokus brevis Boulenger, 1906 Mochokus brevis (p. 210;fig.30.12)
Mochokus niloticus Joannis, 1835 Mochokus niloticus (p. 210;fig.30.11)
Synodontis annectens Boulenger, 1911 Synodontis annectens (p. 232;fig.30.25)
Synodontis ansorgii Boulenger, 1911 Synodontis ansorgii (p. 250;fig.30.43)
Synodontis arnoulti Roman, 1966 Synodontis arnoulti (p. 264;fig.30.54)
Synodontis bastiani Daget, 1948 Synodontis bastiani (p. 246;fig.30.39)
Synodontis batensoda Rüppell, 1832 Synodontis batensoda (p. 228;fig.30.22)
Synodontis budgetti Boulenger, 1911 Synodontis budgetti (p. 234;fig.30.27)
Synodontis clarias (Linnaeus, 1758) Synodontis clarias (p. 232;fig.30.26)
Synodontis comoensis Daget & Lévêque, 1981 Synodontis comoensis (p. 252;fig.30.44)
Synodontis courteti Pellegrin, 1906 Synodontis courteti (p. 242;fig.30.34)
Synodontis dekimpei Paugy, 1987 Synodontis dekimpei (p. 228;fig.30.21)
Synodontis eupterus Boulenger, 1901 Synodontis eupterus (p. 249;fig.30.41)
Synodontis filamentosus Boulenger, 1901 Synodontis filamentosus (p. 245;fig.30.38)
Synodontis frontosus Vaillant, 1895 Synodontis frontosus (p. 257;fig.30.47)
Synodontis gobroni Daget, 1954 Synodontis gobroni (p. 243;fig.30.36)
Synodontis guttatus Günther, 1865 Synodontis guttatus (p. 244;fig.30.37)
Synodontis koensis Pellegrin, 1933 Synodontis koensis (p. 262;fig.30.53)
Synodontis levequei Paugy, 1987 Synodontis levequei (p. 266;fig.30.56)
Synodontis macrophthalmus Poll, 1971 Synodontis macrophthalmus (p. 240;fig.30.33)
Synodontis melanopterus Boulenger, 1903 Synodontis melanopterus (p. 248;fig.30.40)
Synodontis membranaceus (Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, 1809) Synodontis membranaceus (p. 231;fig.30.23)
Synodontis nigrita Valenciennes, 1840 Synodontis nigrita (p. 259;fig.30.49)
Synodontis obesus Boulenger, 1898 Synodontis obesus (p. 257;fig.30.48)
Synodontis ocellifer Boulenger, 1900 Synodontis ocellifer (p. 260;fig.30.51)
Synodontis omias Günther, 1864 Synodontis omias (p. 234;fig.30.28)
Synodontis punctifer Daget, 1965 Synodontis punctifer (p. 260;fig.30.50)
Synodontis resupinatus Boulenger, 1904 Synodontis resupinatus (p. 230;fig.30.24)
Synodontis robbianus Smith, 1875 Synodontis robbianus (p. 254;fig.30.46)
Synodontis schall (Bloch & Schneider, 1801) Synodontis schall (p. 265;fig.30.55)
Synodontis sorex Günther, 1864 Synodontis sorex (p. 236;fig.30.30)
Synodontis thysi Poll, 1971 Synodontis thysi (p. 238;fig.30.31)
Synodontis tourei Daget, 1962 Synodontis tourei (p. 262;fig.30.52)
Synodontis velifer Norman, 1935 Synodontis velifer (p. 250;fig.30.42)
Synodontis vermiculatus Daget, 1954 Synodontis vermiculatus (p. 235;fig.30.29)
Synodontis violaceus Pellegrin, 1919 Synodontis violaceus (p. 238;fig.30.32)
Synodontis waterloti Daget, 1962 Synodontis waterloti (p. 254;fig.30.45)
Synodontis xiphias Günther, 1864 Synodontis xiphias (p. 242;fig.30.35)
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