List of Species Treated in Reference And Used in FishBase
n = 22
Species Name Used in Reference
Acromycter longipectoralis Karmovskaya, 2004 Acromycter longipectoralis (p. S21;fig.11)
Ariosoma howensis (McCulloch & Waite, 1916) Ariosoma howensis (p. S2)
Ariosoma multivertebratum Karmovskaya, 2004 Ariosoma multivertebratum (p. S5;fig.3)
Ariosoma sazonovi Karmovskaya, 2004 Ariosoma sazonovi (p. S7;fig.4)
Ariosoma sereti Karmovskaya, 2004 Ariosoma sereti (p. S5;fig.2)
Bathyuroconger vicinus (Vaillant, 1888) Bathyuroconger vicinus (p. S20)
Blachea longicaudalis Karmovskaya, 2004 Blachea longicaudalis (p. S23;fig.12)
Chiloconger philippinensis Smith & Karmovskaya, 2003 Chiloconger philippinensis (p. S2)
Congriscus maldivensis (Norman, 1939) Congriscus maldivensis (p. S9)
Congriscus marquesaensis Karmovskaya, 2004 Congriscus marquesaensis (p. S12;fig.7)
Diploconger polystigmatus Kotthaus, 1968 Diploconger polystigmatus (p. S24)
Gnathophis asanoi Karmovskaya, 2004 Gnathophis asanoi (p. S18;fig.10)
Gnathophis castlei Karmovskaya & Paxton, 2000 Gnathophis castlei (p. S13)
Gnathophis heterognathos (Bleeker, 1858) Gnathophis heterognathos (p. S15;fig.8)
Gnathophis neocaledoniensis Karmovskaya, 2004 Gnathophis neocaledoniensis (p. S17;fig.9)
Macrocephenchelys brevirostris (Chen & Weng, 1967) Macrocephenchelys brevirostris (p. S24;fig.13)
Nettastoma solitarium Castle & Smith, 1981 Nettastoma solitarium (p. S28)
Parabathymyrus fijiensis Karmovskaya, 2004 Parabathymyrus fijiensis (p. S8;fig.5)
Promyllantor adenensis (Klausewitz, 1991) Promyllantor adenensis (p. S22)
Saurenchelys taiwanensis Karmovskaya, 2004 Saurenchelys taiwanensis (p. S27;fig.14)
Venefica multiporosa Karrer, 1983 Venefica multiporosa (p. S29)
Venefica proboscidea (Vaillant, 1888) Venefica proboscidea (p. S29)
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