List of Species Treated in Reference And Used in FishBase
n = 21
Species Name Used in Reference
Lestidiops bathyopteryx (Fowler, 1944) Lestidiops bathyopteryx (p. 293;tab.2)
Lestidiops extremus (Ege, 1953) Lestidiops extrema (p. 293;tab.2)
Lestidiops gracilis (Ege, 1953) Lestidiops gracilis (p. 293;tab.2)
Lestidiops indopacificus (Ege, 1953) Lestidiops indopacifica (p. 293;tab.2)
Lestidiops neles (Harry, 1953) Lestidiops neles (p. 293;tab.2)
Lestidiops pacificus (Parr, 1931) Lestidiops jayakari pacifica (p. 293;tab.2)
Lestidiops similis (Ege, 1933) Stemonosudis similis (p. 293;tab.2)
Lestidium bigelowi Graae, 1967 Lestidium bigelowi (p. 293;tab.2)
Lestidium nudum Gilbert, 1905 Lestidium nudum (p. 293;tab.2)
Lestrolepis pofi (Harry, 1953) Lestrolepis luetkeni (p. 293;tab.2)
Macroparalepis danae Ege, 1933 Macroparalepis danae (p. 293;tab.2)
Macroparalepis johnfitchi (Rofen, 1960) Macroparalepis johnfitchi (p. 293;tab.2)
Macroparalepis longilateralis Post, 1973 Macroparalepis longilateralis (p. 293;tab.2)
Stemonosudis distans (Ege, 1957) Stemonosudis distans (p. 293;tab.2)
Stemonosudis elongata (Ege, 1933) Stemonosudis elongata (p. 293;tab.2)
Stemonosudis miscella (Ege, 1933) Stemonosudis miscella (p. 293;tab.2)
Stemonosudis molesta (Marshall, 1955) Stemonosudis molestus (p. 293;tab.2)
Uncisudis advena (Rofen, 1963) Uncisudis advena (p. 293-4;tab.2)
Uncisudis longirostra Maul, 1956 Uncisudis longirostra (p. 294;tab.2)
Uncisudis posteropelvis Fukui & Ozawa, 2004 Uncisudis posteropelvis (p. 289;fig.2-3;tab.1-3)
Uncisudis quadrimaculata (Post, 1969) Uncisudis quadrimaculata (p. 294;tab.2)
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