List of Species Treated in Reference And Used in FishBase
n = 84
Species Name Used in Reference
Acrossocheilus xamensis Kottelat, 2000 Acrossocheilus xamensis (p. 38;fig.1)
Barbodes binotatus (Valenciennes, 1842) Puntius binotatus (p. 49;fig.17)
Barbodes rhombeus (Kottelat, 2000) Puntius rhombeus (p. 49;fig.16)
Ceratogarra cambodgiensis (Tirant, 1883) Garra cambodgiensis (p. 70)
Chaudhuria caudata Annandale, 1918 Chaudhuria caudata (p. 79)
Chaudhuria fusipinnis Kottelat & Britz, 2000 Chaudhuria fusipinnis (p. 78;fig.71)
Crossocheilus atrilimes Kottelat, 2000 Crossocheilus atrilimes (p. 39;fig.2)
Crossocheilus oblongus Kuhl & Van Hasselt, 1823 Crossocheilus oblongus (p. 39)
Devario fangfangae (Kottelat, 2000) Danio fangfangae (p. 40;fig.3)
Devario gibber (Kottelat, 2000) Danio gibber (p. 40;fig.4)
Devario salmonatus (Kottelat, 2000) Danio salmonata (p. 41;fig.5)
Doryichthys contiguus Kottelat, 2000 Doryichthys contiguus (p. 78;fig.70)
Garra cyrano Kottelat, 2000 Garra cyrano (p. 41;fig.6)
Garra fuliginosa Fowler, 1934 Garra fuliginosa (p. 42;fig.8)
Garra nasuta (McClelland, 1838) Garra salweenica (p. 42;fig.7)
Garra salweenica Hora & Mukerji, 1934 Garra salweenica (p. 42)
Hemimyzon confluens Kottelat, 2000 Hemimyzon confluens (p. 51;fig.20)
Hemimyzon khonensis Kottelat, 2000 Hemimyzon khonensis (p. 52;fig.21)
Hemimyzon nanensis Doi & Kottelat, 1998 Hemimyzon nanensis (p. 52)
Hemimyzon papilio Kottelat, 1998 Hemimyzon papilio (p. 52)
Homaloptera confuzona Kottelat, 2000 Homaloptera confuzona (p. 53;fig.22)
Homaloptera orthogoniata Vaillant, 1902 Homaloptera orthogoniata (p. 53;fig.23)
Laocypris hispida Kottelat, 2000 Laocypris hispida (p. 43;fig.10)
Mystacoleucus atridorsalis Fowler, 1937 Mystacoleucus atridorsalis (p. 44)
Mystacoleucus ectypus Kottelat, 2000 Mystacoleucus ectypus (p. 44;fig.11)
Pao turgidus (Kottelat, 2000) Monotrete turgidus (p. 79;fig.73)
Poropuntius angustus Kottelat, 2000 Poropuntius angustus (p. 46;fig.14)
Poropuntius bolovenensis Roberts, 1998 Poropuntius bolovenensis (p. 46)
Poropuntius consternans Kottelat, 2000 Poropuntius consternans (p. 48)
Poropuntius deauratus (Valenciennes, 1842) Poropuntius deauratus (p. 45;fig.13)
Poropuntius laoensis (Günther, 1868) Poropuntius laoensis (p. 45)
Poropuntius lobocheiloides Kottelat, 2000 Poropuntius lobocheiloides (p. 48)
Poropuntius normani Smith, 1931 Poropuntius normani (p. 45)
Poropuntius solitus Kottelat, 2000 Poropuntius solitus (p. 48;fig.15)
Pseudomystus bomboides Kottelat, 2000 Pseudomystus bomboides (p. 77;fig.69)
Rasbora amplistriga Kottelat, 2000 Rasbora amplistriga (p. 50;fig.18)
Rasbora septentrionalis Kottelat, 2000 Rasbora septentrionalis (p. 51;fig.19)
Schistura amplizona Kottelat, 2000 Schistura amplizona (p. 54;fig.24)
Schistura aramis Kottelat, 2000 Schistura aramis (p. 54;fig.25)
Schistura athos Kottelat, 2000 Schistura athos (p. 55;fig.26)
Schistura bairdi Kottelat, 2000 Schistura bairdi (p. 55;fig.27)
Schistura bolavenensis Kottelat, 2000 Schistura bolavenensis (p. 56;fig.28)
Schistura clatrata Kottelat, 2000 Schistura clatrata (p. 57;fig.29)
Schistura coruscans Kottelat, 2000 Schistura coruscans (p. 57;fig.30)
Schistura crabro Kottelat, 2000 Schistura crabro (p. 57;fig.31)
Schistura defectiva Kottelat, 2000 Schistura defectiva (p. 58;fig.32)
Schistura desmotes (Fowler, 1934) Schistura desmotes (p. 66)
Schistura ephelis Kottelat, 2000 Schistura ephelis (p. 59;fig.33)
Schistura finis Kottelat, 2000 Schistura finis (p. 59;fig.34)
Schistura fusinotata Kottelat, 2000 Schistura fusinotata (p. 60;fig.35)
Schistura globiceps Kottelat, 2000 Schistura globiceps (p. 60;fig.36)
Schistura imitator Kottelat, 2000 Schistura imitator (p. 61;fig.37)
Schistura implicata Kottelat, 2000 Schistura implicata (p. 62;fig.38)
Schistura irregularis Kottelat, 2000 Schistura irregularis (p. 62;fig.39)
Schistura kengtungensis (Fowler, 1936) Schistura kengtungensis (p. 58)
Schistura khamtanhi Kottelat, 2000 Schistura khamtanhi (p. 63;fig.40)
Schistura kloetzliae Kottelat, 2000 Schistura kloetzliae (p. 63;fig.41)
Schistura latidens Kottelat, 2000 Schistura latidens (p. 64;fig.42)
Schistura leukensis Kottelat, 2000 Schistura leukensis (p. 64;fig.44)
Schistura macrocephalus Kottelat, 2000 Schistura macrocephalus (p. 65;fig.45)
Schistura melarancia Kottelat, 2000 Schistura melarancia (p. 65;fig.46)
Schistura nomi Kottelat, 2000 Schistura nomi (p. 66;fig.47)
Schistura novemradiata Kottelat, 2000 Schistura novemradiata (p. 66;fig.48)
Schistura personata Kottelat, 2000 Schistura personata (p. 67;fig.49)
Schistura pertica Kottelat, 2000 Schistura pertica (p. 67;fig.50)
Schistura pervagata Kottelat, 2000 Schistura pervagata (p. 68;fig.51)
Schistura porthos Kottelat, 2000 Schistura porthos (p. 69;fig.52)
Schistura procera Kottelat, 2000 Schistura procera (p. 69;fig.53)
Schistura quaesita Kottelat, 2000 Schistura quaesita (p. 70;fig.54)
Schistura quasimodo Kottelat, 2000 Schistura quasimodo (p. 70;fig.55)
Schistura rikiki Kottelat, 2000 Schistura rikiki (p. 71;fig.56)
Schistura russa Kottelat, 2000 Schistura russa (p. 71;fig;57)
Schistura sertata Kottelat, 2000 Schistura sertata (p. 71;fig.58)
Schistura sexcauda (Fowler, 1937) Schistura sexcauda (p. 58)
Schistura sigillata Kottelat, 2000 Schistura sigillata (p. 72;fig.59)
Schistura sombooni Kottelat, 1998 Schistura sombooni (p. 58)
Schistura suber Kottelat, 2000 Schistura suber (p. 72;fig.60)
Schistura tenura Kottelat, 2000 Schistura tenura (p. 73;fig.61)
Schistura tizardi Kottelat, 2000 Schistura tizardi (p. 73;fig.62)
Schistura xhatensis Kottelat, 2000 Schistura xhatensis (p. 74;fig.63)
Sectoria heterognathos (Chen, 1999) Sectoria megastoma (p. 74;fig.64)
Vanmanenia crassicauda Kottelat, 2000 Vanmanenia crassicauda (p. 75;fig.66)
Vanmanenia microcephala Li, Zhou & Che, 2019 Vanmanenia striata (p. 75;fig.67)
Vanmanenia serrilineata Kottelat, 2000 Vanmanenia serrilineata (p. 76;fig.68)
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