List of Species Treated in Reference And Used in FishBase
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Species Name Used in Reference
Acanthanectes hystrix Holleman & Buxton, 1993 Acanthanectes hystrix (p. 561)
Acanthanectes rufus Holleman & Buxton, 1993 Acanthanectes rufus (p. 561)
Axoclinus cocoensis Bussing, 1991 Enneanectes cocoensis (p. 565)
Ceratobregma acanthops (Whitley, 1964) Ceratobregma acanthops (p. 129;fig.21)
Ceratobregma helenae Holleman, 1987 Ceratobregma helenae (p. 133;fig.23-4)
Enneanectes carminalis (Jordan & Gilbert, 1882) Enneanectes carminalis (p. 564)
Enneapterygius atriceps (Jenkins, 1903) Enneapterygius atriceps (p. 161;fig.25)
Enneapterygius bahasa Fricke, 1997 Enneapterygius bahasa (p. 170;fig.29)
Enneapterygius clea Fricke, 1997 Enneapterygius clea (p. 176;fig.30)
Enneapterygius etheostoma (Jordan & Snyder, 1902) Enneapterygius etheostomus (p. 185)
Enneapterygius fasciatus (Weber, 1909) Enneapterygius fasciatus (p. 193;fig.34)
Enneapterygius flavoccipitis Shen, 1994 Enneapterygius flavoccipitis (p. 199;fig.36)
Enneapterygius fuscoventer Fricke, 1997 Enneapterygius fuscoventer (p. 210;fig.38)
Enneapterygius howensis Fricke, 1997 Enneapterygius howensis (p. 224;fig.42)
Enneapterygius hsiojenae Shen, 1994 Enneapterygius vexillarius (p. 355)
Enneapterygius leucopunctatus Shen, 1994 Enneapterygius vexillarius (p. 355)
Enneapterygius miyakensis Fricke, 1987 Enneapterygius miyakensis (p. 237;fig.47)
Enneapterygius namarrgon Fricke, 1997 Enneapterygius namarrgon (p. 240;fig.48)
Enneapterygius nigricauda Fricke, 1997 Enneapterygius nigricauda (p. 255;fig.52)
Enneapterygius ornatus Fricke, 1997 Enneapterygius ornatus (p. 262;fig.53)
Enneapterygius pallidoserialis Fricke, 1997 Enneapterygius pallidoserialis (p. 264;fig.54-55)
Enneapterygius pallidus Clark, 1980 Enneapterygius pusillus (p. 570)
Enneapterygius philippinus (Peters, 1868) Enneapterygius philippinus (p. 274;fig.58)
Enneapterygius pyramis Fricke, 1994 Enneapterygius pyramis (p. 289;fig.60-61)
Enneapterygius randalli Fricke, 1997 Enneapterygius randalli (p. 295;fig.62)
Enneapterygius rhabdotus Fricke, 1994 Enneapterygius rhabdotus (p. 298;fig.63)
Enneapterygius rhothion Fricke, 1997 Enneapterygius rhothion (p. 304;fig.64)
Enneapterygius rubicauda Shen, 1994 Enneapterygius rubicauda (p. 310;fig.65)
Enneapterygius signicauda Fricke, 1997 Enneapterygius signicauda (p. 322;fig.67)
Enneapterygius similis Fricke, 1997 Enneapterygius similis (p. 326;fig.68)
Enneapterygius triserialis Fricke, 1994 Enneapterygius triserialis (p. 331;fig.69)
Enneapterygius tutuilae Jordan & Seale, 1906 Enneapterygius tutuilae (p. 337;fig.70)
Enneapterygius unimaculatus Fricke, 1994 Enneapterygius unimaculatus (p. 352;fig.71)
Enneapterygius ventermaculus Holleman, 1982 Enneapterygius nasimae (p. 569)
Enneapterygius vexillarius Fowler, 1946 Enneapterygius vexillarius (p. 355;fig.72)
Enneapterygius williamsi Fricke, 1997 Enneapterygius williamsi (p. 361;fig.73)
Enneapterygius ziegleri Fricke, 1994 Enneapterygius ziegleri (p. 366;fig.74)
Helcogramma aquila Williams & McCormick, 1990 Helcogramma aquila (p. )
Helcogramma aquila Williams & McCormick, 1990 Helcogramma aquilum (p. 409;fig.81)
Helcogramma capidata Rosenblatt, 1960 Helcogramma capidatum (p. 413;fig.82)
Helcogramma chica Rosenblatt, 1960 Helcogramma chica (p. 422;fig.84)
Helcogramma fuscipectoris (Fowler, 1946) Helcogramma fuscipectoris (p. 429;fig.86)
Helcogramma gymnauchen (Weber, 1909) Helcogramma gymnauchen (p. 437;fig.87)
Helcogramma hudsoni (Jordan & Seale, 1906) Helcogramma hudsoni (p. 442;fig.89-90)
Helcogramma inclinata (Fowler, 1946) Helcogramma inclinatum (p. 446;fig.91)
Helcogramma kranos Fricke, 1997 Helcogramma kranos (p. 452;fig.92)
Helcogramma novaecaledoniae Fricke, 1994 Helcogramma novaecaledoniae (p. 456;fig.93)
Helcogramma obtusirostris (Klunzinger, 1871) Helcogramma obtusirostre (p. 461;fig.94)
Helcogramma rhinoceros Hansen, 1986 Helcogramma rhinoceros (p. 467;fig.95)
Helcogramma solorensis Fricke, 1997 Helcogramma solorensis (p. 472;fig.96)
Helcogramma springeri Hansen, 1986 Helcogramma springeri (p. 475;fig.97)
Helcogramma striata Hansen, 1986 Helcogramma striatum (p. 480;fig.98)
Helcogramma vulcana Randall & Clark, 1993 Helcogramma vulcanum (p. 496;fig.101-2)
Helcogrammoides cunninghami (Smitt, 1898) Helcogrammoides cunninghami (p. 581)
Norfolkia brachylepis (Schultz, 1960) Norfolkia brachylepis (p. 504;fig.103)
Norfolkia squamiceps (McCulloch & Waite, 1916) Norfolkia squamiceps (p. 512;fig.105)
Notoclinus fenestratus (Forster, 1801) Notoclinus fenestratus (p. 584)
Springerichthys bapturus (Jordan & Snyder, 1902) Springerichthys bapturus (p. 521;fig.107)
Springerichthys kulbickii (Fricke & Randall, 1994) Springerichthys kulbickii (p. 525;fig.109)
Tripterygion melanurus Guichenot, 1850 Tripterygion melanurus (p. )
Ucla xenogrammus Holleman, 1993 Ucla xenogrammus (p. 531;fig.110)
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