List of Species Treated in Reference And Used in FishBase
n = 23
Species Name Used in Reference
Austrolabrus maculatus (Macleay, 1881) Austrolabrus maculatus (p. 40;fig.8;pl.4D;tab.7)
Dotalabrus alleni Russell, 1988 Dotalabrus alleni (p. 10;fig.2;pl.1C,1D;tab.2)
Dotalabrus aurantiacus (Castelnau, 1872) Dotalabrus aurantiacus (p. 8;fig.2;pl.1A,1B;tab.2)
Eupetrichthys angustipes Ramsay & Ogilby, 1888 Eupetrichthys angustipes (p. 42;fig.8;pl.4G-H;tab.7)
Notolabrus celidotus (Bloch & Schneider, 1801) Notolabrus celidotus (p. 19;fig.3;pl.2A-B;tab.3)
Notolabrus cinctus (Hutton, 1877) Notolabrus cinctus (p. 20;fig.3-4;tab.3)
Notolabrus fucicola (Richardson, 1840) Notolabrus fucicola (p. 21;fig.3;pl.2C;tab.3)
Notolabrus gymnogenis (Günther, 1862) Notolabrus gymnogenis (p. 16;fig.3;pl.1G,1H;tab.3)
Notolabrus inscriptus (Richardson, 1848) Notolabrus inscriptus (p. 22;fig.3;pl.2E,2F;tab.3)
Notolabrus parilus (Richardson, 1850) Notolabrus parilus (p. 13;fig.3;pl.1E,1F;tab.3)
Notolabrus tetricus (Richardson, 1840) Notolabrus tetricus (p. 17;fig.3;pl.1I,1J;tab.3)
Pictilabrus laticlavius (Richardson, 1840) Pictilabrus laticlavius (p. 36;fig.8;pl.4A-C;tab.6)
Pictilabrus viridis Russell, 1988 Pictilabrus viridis (p. 38;fig.8;pl.4E-F;tab.6)
Pseudolabrus biserialis (Klunzinger, 1880) Pseudolabrus biserialis (p. 29;fig.5;pl.3A,3B;tab.5)
Pseudolabrus fuentesi (Regan, 1913) Pseudolabrus fuentesi (p. 31;fig.5,7;pl.3E,3F;tab.5)
Pseudolabrus gayi (Valenciennes, 1839) Pseudolabrus gayi (p. 27;fig.5-6;tab.5)
Pseudolabrus guentheri Bleeker, 1862 Pseudolabrus guentheri (p. 31;fig.5;pl.3c-D;tab.5)
Pseudolabrus japonicus (Houttuyn, 1782) Pseudolabrus japonicus (p. 25;fig.5;pl.2G-H;tab.5)
Pseudolabrus luculentus (Richardson, 1848) Pseudolabrus luculentus (p. 28;fig.5;pl.2I-J;tab.5)
Pseudolabrus miles (Schneider & Forster, 1801) Pseudolabrus miles (p. 35;fig.5;pl.3J;tab.5)
Pseudolabrus rubicundus (Macleay, 1881) Pseudolabrus psittaculus (p. 34;fig.5;pl.3I;tab.5)
Pseudolabrus semifasciatus (Rendahl, 1921) Pseudolabrus semifasciatus (p. 32;fig.5;pl.3G;tab.5)
Pseudolabrus torotai Russell & Randall, 1981 Pseudolabrus torotai (p. 33;fig.5;pl.3H;tab.5)
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