List of Population Characteristics records for Hypophthalmichthys nobilis
n = 9
Sex Wmax Lmax (cm) Length type Tmax (y) Country Locality
unsexed 40.0 kg 146 SL 20 Asia
unsexed 110 TL Iran Caspian Sea
unsexed 77.5 kg Hungary Kisk├Âre Reservoir, also called Lake Tisza, 2009
unsexed 3.0 kg India Maharashtra
mixed 8.2 kg 100.1 TL USA Missouri River. South Dakota
unsexed 34.2 SL China Not specified
unsexed 69.1 kg Hungary Poganyi Reservoir, 2001
mixed 10 USA Pooled confluence area of the Illinois River and Upper Mississippi River Pool 26/2004-2005
unsexed 788.00 g 38 TL Brazil Uruguay River
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