List of Population Characteristics records for Caranx ignobilis
n = 9
Sex Wmax Lmax (cm) Length type Tmax (y) Country Locality
unsexed 66.00 g 165 TL Global East Indies
unsexed 167 FL Yemen Gulf of Aden, 1983-87
unsexed 170 TL Global Indo-Pacific and Caribbean including Red Sea
unsexed 67 SL 11 Papua New Guinea Lihir Island group (seamount), 1999-2002
unsexed 62 TL Philippines Palawan / 1998-2014
unsexed 146 FL Iran Persian Gulf and Oman Sea
unsexed 80.0 kg Global Polynesia
unsexed 165 FL South Africa South Africa
unsexed 48 FL India Tuticorin, 1984-87
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