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Name used Year Latitude Longitude Catalog No. Information
19961.57110.29ZRC 39890H.H. Tan et al., Batu Kawa-Matang area, about 50 m before blackwater stream, Sarawak
Portal: FB. Source: ZRC
19921.52110.30ZRC 52393M. Kottelat et al., Blackwater stream in forest at km 7 on road from Kuching to Batu Kawa, Sarawak
Portal: FB. Source: ZRC
20082.17112.02ZRC 52383H.H Tan, Sibu, Sungei Nibung, just north of Durin bridge over Rajang River, Sarawak
Portal: FB. Source: ZRC
19942.16112.02ZRC 37865M. Kottelat et al., Sungei Nibung, about 1 km North of Durin Ferry on Sungai Rajang, on road from Sri Aman to Sibu, Sarawak
Portal: FB. Source: ZRC
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