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Mentodus longirostris: List of Point Data Occurrences data  |   Species Summary   |  FishBase    
n = 7   (FB = 6, OBIS = 1)      View map: C-squares Mapper | Google Map
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Name used Year Latitude Longitude Catalog No. Information
Pellisolus longirostris197930.45-66.13ISH 11-1952Sargasso Expedition, Standort:R 2108, D² vorhanden
Portal: FB. Source: ISH
Pellisolus longirostris197929.67-49.63ISH 1705-1979Sargasso Expedition, Standort:R 2108, D²
Portal: FB. Source: ISH
Pellisolus longirostris197931.85-42.92ISH 1985-1979Sargasso Expedition, Standort:R 2108
Portal: FB. Source: ISH
Pellisolus longirostris Sazonov & Golovan, 197612.00-17.53ZIN 42296Golovan, Eastern Central Atlantic
Portal: FB. Source: ZIN
Pellisolus longirostris1967-7.75-13.57ISH 155-1967Dr. Mombeck, Standort:R 2108,
Portal: FB. Source: ISH
Pellisolus longirostris1971-15.75-6.10ISH 1757-1971Expedition, Standort: R2018; 2 Ex. Mind Matsui & Rosenblatt, 1987 als "1517/71" veröffentlicht
Portal: FB. Source: ISH
Mentodus longirostris199724.2658.425400131_86_FIS_539002 Portal: OBIS. Source: Southampton Oceanography Ceter
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