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Name used Year Latitude Longitude Catalog No. Information
19976.0780.20WHT 7613M.M. Bahir & K. Wewalwala, Gin River at Navinna (near Galle)
Portal: FB. Source: WHT
19996.0380.33WHT 7525S. Batuwita & A.I. Alagiyawadu, Pol-Athu Modara (River) at Minee-maruwa, near Imaduwa
Portal: FB. Source: WHT
19956.1080.35WHT 7526M.M. Bahir, Gin River near Kottawa Forest Reserve
Portal: FB. Source: WHT
20076.3580.35WHT 7527S. Batuwita & S.V. Nanayakkara, Gin River at Mawanana (near Neluwa)
Portal: FB. Source: WHT
19986.3780.35WHT 7524S. Batuwita and K. Wewalwala, Gian River at Mawanana (near Neluwa)
Portal: FB. Source: WHT
20036.1080.48WHT 7647S.V. Nanayakkara & M. Meegaskumbura, Nilawala River at Akuressa
Portal: FB. Source: WHT
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