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Name used Year Latitude Longitude Catalog No. Information
Diplotaxodon macrops-13.4434.55P 99041.A763SADC/GEF Project, Domira Bay, lake Malawi (16/59)
Portal: FB. Source: P
Diplotaxodon macrops1997-13.9634.7264077transect from Chipoka to Makanjila
Portal: GBIF. Source: SAIAB
Data from GBIF data index - original values.
Diplotaxodon macrops-13.8934.84P 99041.A764SADC/GEF Project, Chipoka to Makanjila, SW arm & SE arm, lake Malawi (21/6)
Portal: FB. Source: P
Diplotaxodon macrops Turner & Stauffer, 1998-14.0534.93FB 2744229Off Monkey Bay at 14°03'S, 34°56'E, Lake Malawi, 100 m.
Portal: FB. Source: FB
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