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Class: Teleostei
Order: Gobiiformes
Family: Gobiidae Gobies
Subfamily: Gobionellinae
Genus: Awaous

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Max. Length 18 cm SL

Awaous acritosus
[Roman nose goby]

Photo by Watson, R.E.

Max. Length 26 cm SL
Awaous aeneofuscus (Peters, 1852)

Photo by Photo by Watson, R.E.
Awaous aeneofuscus
[Freshwater goby]

Photo by Matamoros, W.A.

North, Central and South
Max. Length 30 cm SL
Awaous banana (Valenciennes, 1837)

Photo by Photo by Matamoros, W.A.
Awaous banana
[River goby]
No picture found

Max. Length 19.3 cm SL

Awaous bustamantei
No picture found

Max. Length 25 cm SL

Awaous commersoni
[Commerson’s freshwater goby]

Photo by Macieira, R.M.

South America
Max. Length 8.2 cm SL
Awaous flavus (Valenciennes, 1837)

Photo by Photo by Macieira, R.M.
Awaous flavus

Photo by Babu, D.E.

Indian Ocean.
Max. Length 1.7 cm SL
Awaous fluviatilis (Rao, 1971)

Photo by Photo by Babu, D.E.
Awaous fluviatilis

Photo by Jayasinghe, A.

Max. Length 15 cm SL
Awaous grammepomus (Bleeker, 1849)

Photo by Photo by Jayasinghe, A.
Awaous grammepomus
[Scribbled goby]

Photo by Dubosc, J.

Max. Length 24.5 cm SL
Awaous guamensis (Valenciennes, 1837)

Photo by Photo by Dubosc, J.
Awaous guamensis
No picture found

Awaous jayakari

Photo by JJPhoto

Eastern Atlantic
Max. Length 14.0 cm SL
Awaous lateristriga (Duméril, 1861)

Photo by Photo by JJPhoto
Awaous lateristriga
[West African freshwater goby]
No picture found

Awaous litturatus
No picture found

Max. Length 38 cm TL

Awaous macrorhynchus

Photo by CAFS

Asia and Oceania
Max. Length 15 cm TL
Awaous melanocephalus (Bleeker, 1849)

Photo by Photo by CAFS
Awaous melanocephalus
[Largesnout goby]

Photo by Shao, K.T.

Max. Length 15.5 cm TL
Awaous ocellaris (Broussonet, 1782)

Photo by Photo by Shao, K.T.
Awaous ocellaris
No picture found

Max. Length 19 cm TL

Awaous pallidus
No picture found

Max. Length 11.1 cm SL

Awaous personatus

Photo by Stender, K.


Awaous stamineus (Eydoux & Souleyet, 1850)

Photo by Photo by Stender, K.
Awaous stamineus

Photo by Sazima, I.

South America
Max. Length 16.3 cm SL
Awaous tajasica (Lichtenstein, 1822)

Photo by Photo by Sazima, I.
Awaous tajasica
[Sand fish]
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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Awaous acritosus Roman nose goby Oceania 18 SL 1994
Awaous aeneofuscus Freshwater goby Africa 26 SL 1852
Awaous banana River goby North, Central and South 30 SL 1837
Awaous bustamantei Africa 19.3 SL 1882
Awaous commersoni Commerson’s freshwater goby Southwestern Indian Ocean 25 SL 1801
Awaous flavus South America 8.2 SL 1837
Awaous fluviatilis Indian Ocean. 1.7 SL 1971
Awaous grammepomus Scribbled goby Asia 15 SL 1849
Awaous guamensis Oceania 24.5 SL 1837
Awaous jayakari Western Indian Ocean 1888
Awaous lateristriga West African freshwater goby Eastern Atlantic 14.0 SL 1861
Awaous litturatus Asia 1861
Awaous macrorhynchus Africa 38 TL 1867
Awaous melanocephalus Largesnout goby Asia and Oceania 15 TL 1849
Awaous ocellaris Asia 15.5 TL 1782
Awaous pallidus Africa 19 TL 1837
Awaous personatus Asia 11.1 SL 1849
Awaous stamineus Oceania 1850
Awaous tajasica Sand fish South America 16.3 SL 1822

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