Lake Victoria Fisheries Organization
Short Name: LVFO
Full Name: Lake Victoria Fisheries Organization
Purpose: environment
Established: 30-Jun-1994
Entered into force: 24-May-1996
Type: body, multi-lateral
Place where established: Kisumu, Kenya
Schedule to expire:
Goals and Objectives: The Organization's functions and responsibilities are to: (a) promote the proper management and optimum utilization of the fisheries and other resources of the Lake; (b) enhance capacity building of existing institutions and develop additional institutions dedicated to, or likely to contribute to, the purposes of this Convention in cooperation with existing institutions established in or by the Contracting Parties and with such international, regional or nongovernmental organizations as may be appropriate; (c) provide a forum for discussion of the impacts of initiatives dealing with the environment and water quality in the Lake basin and maintain a strong liaison with the existing bodies and programs; (d) provide for the conduct of research concerning the waters of Lake Victoria, including without limitation the quality of such waters, in particular with respect to supporting the living resources of the Lake and the nature, extent and pathways of its pollution and other forms of environmental degradation; (e) encourage, recommend, coordinate and, as appropriate, undertake training and extension activities in all aspects of fisheries; (f) consider and advise on the effects of the direct or indirect introduction of any nonindigenous aquatic animals or plants into the waters of Lake Victoria or its tributaries and to adopt measures regarding the introduction, monitoring, control or elimination of any such animals or plants; (g) serve as a clearinghouse and data bank for information on Lake Victoria fisheries and promote the dissemination of information, without prejudice to industrial property rights, by any appropriate form of publication; (h) in respect of any or all of the foregoing, adopt budgets, seek funding, formulate plans for financial management and allocate funds to activities of the Organization, or to such activities of the Contracting Parties as it may determine to be in furtherance of the purposes of this Convention; (i) undertake such other functions as it may determine to be necessary or desirable in order to achieve the purposes of this Convention.
Related Legislation: [05 Aug 1994] Agreement on the Preparation of a Tripartite Environmental Management Programme for Lake Victoria (Entered into force 04 Aug 1995). [30 Jun 1994] Convention for the Establishment of the Lake Victoria Fisheries Organization (Entered into force 24 May 1996).
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Tanzania, United R. ofmember01-Jan-1970
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Secretariat's addressLake Victoria Fisheries Organization Plot No. 2 Oboja Rd & 28 Kisinja Rd P.O. Box 1625 Jinja - Uganda East Africa
Telephone+256-43-120205; 120206
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