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Notoraja sticta  in South Australia, Australia
Main ref. (75642). McEachran, J.D. and P.R. Last, 2008. New deepwater skates of the genus Notoraja (Rajoidei: Aehynchobatidae) from southern Australia and the eastern Indian Ocean. In Last, P.R., W.T. White, J.J. Pogonoski and D.C. Gledhill (eds): Descriptions of new Australian skates (Batoidea: Rajoidei) Pg. 155-172. CSIRO marine and atmospheric research paper no. 021. 
Status: native 
Comments: Type locality, Great Australian Bight, South Australia, CSIRO H 2954-01 (holotype of Notoraja sticta, 54.3 cm TL, adult male).