Aquaculture Fishes Occurring in Philippines
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Species Used in Aquaculture = 83
Scientific Name Local Name Local Use Occurrence Use elsewhere Other Name Trophic Level
Anabas testudineus Liwalo commercial introduced commercial Climbing perch 2.98
Anguilla japonica Japanese eel commercial native commercial Japanese eel 3.55
Barbonymus gonionotus Tawes commercial introduced commercial Silver barb 2.36
Bidyanus bidyanus likely future use not established commercial Silver perch 2.99
Caranx ignobilis Mamsa likely future use native commercial Giant trevally 4.22
Caranx lugubris Sibong lison likely future use native commercial Black jack 4.50
Caranx melampygus Talakitok likely future use native commercial Bluefin trevally 4.49
Caranx papuensis Pampano likely future use native commercial Brassy trevally 3.98
Carassius auratus commercial introduced commercial Goldfish 2.78
Carassius carassius commercial introduced commercial Crucian carp 3.11
Cestraeus plicatilis likely future use native likely future use Lobed river mullet 2.49
Channa striata Anak dalag commercial introduced commercial Striped snakehead 3.57
Chanos chanos Awa commercial native commercial Milkfish 2.59
Chromileptes altivelis Lapu lapu likely future use native commercial Humpback grouper 4.50
Cirrhinus cirrhosus commercial introduced commercial Mrigal carp 2.40
Clarias batrachus Hitong batukan commercial introduced commercial Philippine catfish 3.42
Clarias gariepinus commercial introduced commercial North African catfish 3.76
Clarias macrocephalus Hito commercial native commercial Bighead catfish 3.70
Coptodon zillii likely future use introduced commercial Redbelly tilapia 2.51
Coryphaena equiselis Dolpin experimental native never/rarely Pompano dolphinfish 4.50
Coryphaena hippurus Dorado commercial native commercial Common dolphinfish 4.21
Ctenopharyngodon idella commercial not established commercial Grass carp 2.00
Cyprinus carpio Karpa commercial introduced commercial Common carp 3.38
Engraulis japonicus Bolinao commercial native commercial Japanese anchovy 3.14
Epinephelus areolatus Talbusan likely future use native commercial Areolate grouper 3.74
Epinephelus awoara Lapu-lapu likely future use native commercial Yellow grouper 3.64
Epinephelus bleekeri Lapu lapu likely future use native commercial Duskytail grouper 3.93
Epinephelus bruneus likely future use native commercial Longtooth grouper 3.98
Epinephelus coioides Lapu-lapu commercial native commercial Orange-spotted grouper 4.05
Epinephelus fuscoguttatus Kigting likely future use native commercial Brown-marbled grouper 4.14
Epinephelus lanceolatus Puol likely future use native commercial Giant grouper 4.00
Epinephelus malabaricus Lapu lapu commercial native commercial Malabar grouper 4.22
Epinephelus merra Baraka likely future use native commercial Honeycomb grouper 3.74
Epinephelus tauvina Tiny likely future use native commercial Greasy grouper 4.13
Helostoma temminckii commercial introduced commercial Kissing gourami 2.82
Hippocampus kuda Kabayo-kabayohan commercial native commercial Spotted seahorse 3.57
Hypophthalmichthys molitrix Babangan commercial introduced commercial Silver carp 2.00
Hypophthalmichthys nobilis commercial introduced commercial Bighead carp 2.83
Kaiwarinus equula Sibo commercial native commercial Whitefin trevally 4.02
Labeo catla commercial introduced commercial Catla 2.80
Labeo rohita Rohu commercial introduced commercial Roho labeo 2.19
Lates calcarifer Apaap commercial native commercial Barramundi 3.83
Lepomis cyanellus commercial introduced commercial Green sunfish 3.49
Lepomis macrochirus commercial introduced commercial Bluegill 3.24
Lethrinus nebulosus Bitilya likely future use native commercial Spangled emperor 3.76
Lutjanus argentimaculatus commercial native commercial Mangrove red snapper 3.58
Lutjanus erythropterus Aha-an likely future use native commercial Crimson snapper 4.50
Lutjanus johnii Maya maya likely future use native commercial John's snapper 4.20
Lutjanus monostigma Maya maya likely future use native commercial One-spot snapper 4.27
Lutjanus rivulatus Lugho likely future use native commercial Blubberlip snapper 4.13
Lutjanus russellii Maya maya commercial native commercial Russell's snapper 4.10
Lutjanus sebae Maya maya likely future use native commercial Emperor red snapper 4.09
Mesopristes cancellatus Bagaong likely future use native likely future use Tapiroid grunter 2.95
Micropterus salmoides experimental introduced commercial Largemouth black bass 3.84
Misgurnus anguillicaudatus Dojo commercial introduced commercial Pond loach 3.24
Muraenesox cinereus Ubod commercial native commercial Daggertooth pike conger 4.38
Oreochromis aureus commercial introduced commercial Blue tilapia 2.06
Oreochromis mossambicus commercial introduced commercial Mozambique tilapia 2.17
Oreochromis niloticus Pla pla commercial introduced commercial Nile tilapia 2.03
Oreochromis spilurus likely future use introduced commercial Sabaki tilapia 2.57
Osphronemus goramy commercial introduced commercial Giant gourami 2.76
Oxyeleotris marmorata Bia commercial native commercial Marble goby 3.90
Pangasianodon hypophthalmus likely future use introduced commercial Striped catfish 3.12
Parajulis poecilepterus Buntogon commercial questionable commercial 3.57
Platycephalus indicus Sunog commercial native commercial Bartail flathead 3.60
Plectropomus leopardus Lapu lapu commercial native commercial Leopard coralgrouper 4.42
Plectropomus maculatus Lapu-lapu likely future use native commercial Spotted coralgrouper 4.11
Rhabdosargus sarba commercial native commercial Goldlined seabream 3.25
Rhynchopelates oxyrhynchus Bakoko commercial native commercial 3.61
Scatophagus argus Kero kero commercial native commercial Spotted scat 2.99
Scomber japonicus Alumahan commercial native commercial Chub mackerel 3.38
Seriola dumerili Dorado commercial native commercial Greater amberjack 4.70
Siganus canaliculatus Balanglen kuyog commercial native commercial White-spotted spinefoot 2.76
Siganus fuscescens Balawis commercial native commercial Mottled spinefoot 2.03
Siganus guttatus Balawis commercial native commercial Orange-spotted spinefoot 2.68
Siganus rivulatus Danggit likely future use misidentification commercial Marbled spinefoot 2.00
Siganus vermiculatus Dangit likely future use native likely future use Vermiculated spinefoot 2.00
Sillago sihama likely future use native commercial Silver sillago 3.33
Trachinotus blochii Ampahan commercial native commercial Snubnose pompano 3.77
Trichopodus leerii commercial introduced commercial Pearl gourami 2.83
Trichopodus pectoralis commercial introduced commercial Snakeskin gourami 2.76
Trichopodus trichopterus commercial introduced commercial Three spot gourami 2.68
Turrum fulvoguttatum Sibong balbon commercial native never/rarely Yellowspotted trevally 4.43

Species of Potential Use in Aquaculture = 38
Scientific Name Local Name Local Use Occurrence Use elsewhere Other Name Trophic Level
Acanthopagrus pacificus Bitilya native commercial Pacific seabream 3.59
Anguilla australis Igat native commercial Short-finned eel 4.28
Anguilla marmorata Igat native commercial Giant mottled eel 3.79
Channa maculata native commercial Blotched snakehead 3.66
Cheilinus undulatus native commercial Humphead wrasse 3.99
Chitala chitala introduced commercial Clown knifefish 3.73
Choerodon schoenleinii Mameng native commercial Blackspot tuskfish 3.38
Clarias fuscus native commercial Hong Kong catfish 3.74
Colossoma macropomum introduced commercial Cachama 2.02
Crenimugil crenilabis Agwas native commercial Fringelip mullet 2.29
Eleutheronema tetradactylum Mamale native commercial Fourfinger threadfin 4.06
Ellochelon vaigiensis Bunti native commercial Squaretail mullet 2.18
Glossogobius giuris Bia native commercial Tank goby 3.66
Gnathanodon speciosus Banlog native commercial Golden trevally 4.03
Hippocampus trimaculatus native commercial Longnose seahorse 3.76
Ictalurus punctatus introduced commercial Channel catfish 4.16
Leiognathus equula native commercial Common ponyfish 3.01
Lethrinus haematopterus Bitilya questionable commercial Chinese emperor 3.67
Mayaheros urophthalmus introduced commercial Mexican mojarra 3.85
Megalops cyprinoides Abulong native commercial Indo-Pacific tarpon 3.48
Monopterus albus native commercial Asian swamp eel 2.88
Mugil cephalus Aguas native commercial Flathead grey mullet 2.48
Parachromis managuensis introduced commercial Jaguar guapote 3.96
Paralichthys olivaceus native commercial Bastard halibut 4.46
Planiliza macrolepis Talilong native commercial Largescale mullet 2.57
Planiliza planiceps Banak native commercial Tade gray mullet 2.00
Planiliza subviridis Aligasin native commercial Greenback mullet 2.74
Platax orbicularis Kilyong native commercial Orbicular batfish 3.33
Plectorhinchus diagrammus Labian native commercial Striped sweetlips 4.02
Polydactylus plebeius Kuwa-kuwa native commercial Striped threadfin 3.59
Pomadasys kaakan native commercial Javelin grunter 3.54
Protonibea diacanthus Alakak native commercial Blackspotted croaker 3.50
Rachycentron canadum Dalag dagat native commercial Cobia 4.20
Sarotherodon melanotheron introduced commercial Blackchin tilapia 2.46
Sebastiscus marmoratus native commercial False kelpfish 3.68
Takifugu rubripes questionable commercial Japanese pufferfish 3.60
Terapon jarbua Kanigit native commercial Jarbua terapon 3.93
Thunnus orientalis Tulingan native commercial Pacific bluefin tuna 4.50
Note: There may be more common names for a specific fish. To get more information, click on a particular species to see the species summary page. Under 'More information', click on 'Common names'.
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