Ecosystems where Cyprinus carpio occurs
n = 117
Ecosystem Type Status Ref.
Adma River River (basin) introduced 89719
Albegna River (basin) native 45688
Amudar'ya River (basin) introduced 39701
Amur River (basin) native 26334
Aral Sea Sea/Bay/Gulf native 26334
Australian Zoogeographic realm introduced 6390
Ba Be Lake Lake introduced 46453
Balsas river River (basin) introduced 58351
Baltic Sea Sea/Bay/Gulf introduced 36252
Bato Lake introduced 280
Beijiang River River (basin) native 89718
Bhimtal Lake Lake introduced 89721
Black Sea Sea/Bay/Gulf native 26334
Bug River (basin) native 59043
Buhi Lake introduced 280
Buluan Lake introduced 13492
Caspian Sea Lake native 26334
Cauvery River (basin) introduced 43636
Central Danube River (basin) native 59043
Central Dnieper River (basin) native 59043
Central Don River (basin) native 59043
Chesapeake Bay Sea/Bay/Gulf Native 93252
Colorado River River (basin) introduced 38738
Crimean Peninsula River (basin) native 59043
Da River River (basin) introduced 89724
Dakrong River River (basin) introduced 89722
Danube River (basin) native 185
Danube Delta River (basin) native 59043
Desna River (basin) native 59043
Dnester River (basin) native 59043
Dnieper River (basin) introduced 59042
Dnieper-Bug Liman River (basin) native 59043
Don River (basin) native 58293
Don Delta River (basin) native 59043
Eastern Black Sea River (basin) native 59043
Eastern Caspian Sea river drainages and lakes River (basin) native 59043
Erqishi River River (basin) native 41093
Ethiopian Zoogeographic realm introduced 1739
Fiora River (basin) introduced 45688
Fraser River (basin) introduced 78809
Gaylegphug River (basin) introduced 40882
Godavari River (basin) introduced 43636
Great Fish River (basin) introduced 94788
Great Lake Lake introduced 33813
Great Lakes Lake introduced 120328
Han River (basin) introduced 58345
Issyk-Kul Lake Lake introduced 41059
Jayanti River River (basin) introduced 89719
Khoper River (basin) native 59043
Krinka River (basin) native 59043
Krishna River River (basin) introduced 43636
Kuban River River (basin) native 58296
Kum River (basin) introduced 58345
Laguna de Bay Lake introduced 13460
Lake Baikal Lake native 58294
Lake Biwa Lake introduced 78994
Lake Erie Lake introduced 120333
Lake Huron Lake introduced 120333
Lake Lanao Lake introduced 10888
Lake Mainit Lake introduced 4867
Lake Michigan Lake introduced 120328
Lake Ontario Lake introduced 120333
Lake Peipus Lake native 122793
Lake St. Clair Lake introduced 120333
Lake Superior Lake introduced 120333
Lower Danube River (basin) native 59043
Lower Dnieper River (basin) native 59043
Lower Volga River (basin) native 59043
Marmara Lake introduced 86351
Medvedista River (basin) native 59043
Mekong River (basin) introduced 12693
Mississippi River River (basin) introduced 46969
Missouri River River (basin) introduced 78789
Murray-Darling River (basin) introduced 6390
Nainital Lake Lake introduced 89721
Nakdong River (basin) introduced 58345
Naujan Lake Lake introduced 13446
Naukuchiatal Lake Lake introduced 89721
Nearctic Zoogeographic realm introduced 12204
Neotropical Zoogeographic realm introduced 185
Northern Caspian Sea river drainages and lakes River (basin) native 59043
Ombrone River (basin) introduced 45688
Orange River (basin) introduced 94818
Oriental Zoogeographic realm introduced 1739
Palearctic Zoogeographic realm endemic 185
Periyar Lake introduced 45208
Poso Lake introduced 26747
Prut River (basin) native 59043
Psel River (basin) native 59043
Rio Grande River (basin) introduced 78807
Sabaki River (basin) introduced 30558
Sakhalin Island River (basin) native 58299
Sal River (basin) native 59043
Sarata River (basin) native 59043
Sea of Azov river drainages and lakes River (basin) native 59043
Severskiy Donets River (basin) native 59043
Siret River (basin) native 59043
Small Don Central River (basin) native 59043
Southern Caspian Sea river drainages and lakes River (basin) native 59043
Sumjin River (basin) introduced 58345
Syvash abo Gnyle more River (basin) native 59043
Taal Lake Lake introduced 13446
Tana River (basin) introduced 52331
Tisza River (basin) native 59043
Toba Lake introduced 57970
Tonle Sap Lake introduced 33813
Upper Don River (basin) native 59043
Ural River (basin) native 59043
Uruguay River (basin) introduced 79585
Volga River (basin) native 58297
Waccamaw Lake introduced 35360
Western Caspian Sea river drainages and lakes River (basin) native 59043
Yangtze River (basin) native 45259
Yegorlyk-Manych River (basin) native 59043
Yili River River (basin) native 41093
Youngsan River (basin) introduced 58345
Zambezi River (basin) introduced 13337
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