Parupeneus indicus, Indian goatfish : fisheries, gamefish

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Parupeneus indicus (Shaw, 1803)

Indian goatfish
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Image of Parupeneus indicus (Indian goatfish)
Parupeneus indicus
Picture by Cook, D.C.

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> Mulliformes (Goatfishes) > Mullidae (Goatfishes)
Etymology: Parupeneus: Latin, parum, parvum = small + Peneus, the name of a river.
More on author: Shaw.

Environment: milieu / climate zone / depth range / distribution range بوم شناسي

دريايي; لب شور وابسته به آب سنگ; تغييرات عمق 10 - 30 m (Ref. 48636). Tropical; 19°N - 23°S, 28°E - 150°W

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Indo-Pacific: Yemen coast of the Gulf of Aden and southern Oman, along the east coast of Africa to Port Alfred, South Africa (33°S), east to the Caroline and Somoan islands; southern Japan to southern Queensland.

Size / Weight / سن

Maturity: Lm ?  range ? - ? cm
Max length : 45.0 cm TL جنس نر / بدون خواص جنسي; (Ref. 48636); common length : 35.0 cm TL جنس نر / بدون خواص جنسي; (Ref. 48636)

توصيف مختصر ريخت شناسي | ريخت ستجي بوسيله انداره گيري

خارهاي باله پشتي (کل): 8; شعاع نرم باله پشتي (کل): 9; خارهاي باله مخرجي 1; شعاع نرم باله مخرجي: 7. Diagnosis: Pectoral rays 16 (rarely 15 or 17). Gill rakers 5-7 + 18-21 (total 24-27)> Body depth 3.25-3.75 in SL; head length (HL) 2.9-3.25 in SL; snout length 1.65-1.95 in HL; barbel length 1.3-1.5 in HL. Longest dorsal spine 1.5-1.8 in HL; penultimate dorsal ray about equal to last dorsal ray in juveniles, 1.05-1.2 in length of last dorsal ray of adults; pectoral-fin length 1.35-1.55 in HL; pelvic-fin length 1.3-1.5 in HL. Body greenish brown to reddish brown dorsally, the scale edges narrowly dark, shading to whitish or pale pink ventrally, with a nearly round black spot as large or larger than eye on side of caudal peduncle, two-thirds of which lies above the lateral line; a large, horizontally elongate yellow spot (sometimes partly white) on lateral line below interdorsal space; barbels white; irregular pale blue lines extending anteroventrally and dorsoposteriorly from eye; second dorsal and anal fins with irregular oblique pale blue lines; caudal fin yellowish gray with faint blue lines paralleling rays; peritoneum dark brown (pale brown to white in other species of the genus except Parupeneus barberinus) (Ref. 54393).

زيست شناسي     واژه نامه (بعنوان مثال epibenthic)

Inhabit shallow sandy or silty areas (seagrass substrata) of coastal and inner lagoon reefs (Ref. 9710, 54393). Occur singly or in schools (Ref. 5213). Large adults usually at moderate depths to about 30 m (Ref. 48636). Feed on benthic invertebrates; the diet including small crabs, amphipods, shrimps, small octopuses, polychaete worms, and small fishes (Ref. 54393). Marketed fresh (Ref. 5284).

Life cycle and mating behavior بلوغ | تولید مثل | تخم ریزی | تخم ها | Fecundity | توزاد ( لارو)

مآخذ اصلی Upload your references | مراجع | هماهنگ كننده : Randall, John E. | همكاران

Randall, J.E., 2004. Revision of the goatfish genus Parupeneus (Perciformes: Mullidae), with descriptions of two new species. Indo-Pac. Fish. (36):64 p. (Ref. 54393)

وضعيت در فهرست قرمز IUCN (Ref. 126983)

  حداقل نگرانی (LC) ; Date assessed: 11 March 2015


Not Evaluated

CMS (Ref. 116361)

Not Evaluated

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استفاده انسانی

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اطلاعات بيشتر

اسامي عام
سوخت و ساز
سم شناسي بوم زيستي
تولید مثل
تخم ریزی
Spawning aggregation
تخم ها
نمو تخم
طول - وزن
طول - طول
نوسانات طولی
ريخت ستجي بوسيله انداره گيري
ريخت شناسي
توزاد ( لارو)
پويايي لاروي
آبزي پروري
نمايه آبزي پروري
تواتر آلل ها
بيماري ها
Mass conversion
عکس ها
Stamps, Coins Misc.
نوع شناگری
منطقه آبششي


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منابع اينترنتي

Estimates based on models

Preferred temperature (Ref. 123201): 26.2 - 29, mean 28.2 °C (based on 442 cells).
Phylogenetic diversity index (Ref. 82804):  PD50 = 0.5000   [Uniqueness, from 0.5 = low to 2.0 = high].
Bayesian length-weight: a=0.01175 (0.00958 - 0.01441), b=3.10 (3.07 - 3.13), in cm total length, based on LWR estimates for this species (Ref. 93245).
Trophic level (Ref. 69278):  3.5   ±0.37 se; based on food items.
جهندگی (Ref. 120179):  متوسط, كمينه زمان لازم براي دو برابر شدن جمعيت 4/1 – 4/4 سال (Preliminary K or Fecundity.).
Prior r = 0.67, 95% CL = 0.44 - 1.01, Based on 2 stock assessments.
Fishing Vulnerability (Ref. 59153):  Low to moderate vulnerability (35 of 100).
طبقه قيمت (Ref. 80766):   Medium.
Nutrients (Ref. 124155):  Calcium = 29.3 [14.0, 66.8] mg/100g ; Iron = 0.276 [0.137, 0.641] mg/100g ; Protein = 18.2 [14.9, 21.2] % ; Omega3 = 0.12 [0.07, 0.23] g/100g ; Selenium = 44.7 [21.2, 118.3] μg/100g ; VitaminA = 178 [31, 850] μg/100g ; Zinc = 0.611 [0.357, 1.147] mg/100g (wet weight); based on nutrient studies.