Family Hapalogenyidae - Barbeled grunters
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Genera : 0 | Species : 0 Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes
Fresh : No | Brackish : Yes | Marine : Yes
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Description: species in this family can be distinguished from the species in Haemulidae by the having 10 pores on and behind the chin; with a cluster of barbels of variable size and fur-like papillae on lower jaw and chin, may or may not partially hidden the pores; teeth are uniformly small, in bands on jaws, vomer and palatines; pored lateral line scales 41-48; vertebrae 10 + 14 or 24 total vertebrae; predorsal formula 0/0+0/2/1+1/; dorsal fin spines 11 with an antrorse spine anteriorly corresponding at the projection of the first pterygiophore not to a true spine; procurrent caudal rays 6 + 5-6; and a rounded caudal fin (Ref. 121743).

Family not recognized but only mentioned under Haemulidae in Ref. 58010, p.369, and recognized in Ref. 108912, p.457. Genus Hapalogenys was formerly in Haemulidae.

Hapalogenidae by Springer & Raash (1995); not available in accordance with Article 13.1.1 of ICZN, 1999; Hapalogeniidae by Iwatsuki & Russell (2003) and Nelson et al, 2016, but correct stem must be Haplogeny- (Van Der Laan et al. 2014), So Hapalogenyidae was beeing used by several authors and was adopted by CofF (Fricke et al. 2019) but still as a nomen nudum for it does not satisfy Article 13.1 of the ICZN for the name published after 1930. Thus, Hapalogenyidae was redescribed in Ref. 121743. Suggested new common name for this family in a coming ref. following Ref. 58418.

Name from Greek 'hapalos' meaning soft to the touch and 'genys' for cheek; as explained by Richardson (1844:464), the name was chosen 'to express the velvety softness of the chin and lower lip, which is made more conspicuous by contrast with the rigidly rough scales that cover the rest of the head' (Ref. 121743).
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