Fecundity of Scomber scombrus
Main Ref: Studholme, A.L., D.B. Packer, P.L. Berrien, D.L. Johnson, C.A. Zetlin and W.W. Morse, 1999
Country: USA
Locality: Gulf of Maine and Middle Atlantic Bight (southern contingent)
Ecosystem: Gulf of Maine
Absolute Fecundity Fecundity Type: 
  min   285,000 (g) 31 (cm) FL  Ref: Morse, W.W., 1980
  max   1,980,000 (g) 44 (cm) FL 
  mean     (g) (cm)  
Comments on Fecundity: Total fecundity.
Relative Fecundity
Min: Ref.:
Mean: Ref.:
Max: Ref.:
Fecundity/length relationship ( F = a * L ^b):
  Size: (cm)  
  a: 95% confidence limit:  
  b: 95% confidence limit:  
Spawning Cycles: (1/y)   Ref:
Comments: Spawning starts in the south in spring and progressively extends northward during the summer. Most of the spawning takes place within 10 to 30 miles from shore, but never in low salinity estuaries. Large fish are the first to arrive at the spawning sites. Total fecundity.
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