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58108 Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences, 2003. Chinese aquatic germplasm resources database. 2003 Stichaeus grigorjewi -->
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75146 Kolpakov, N.V. and A.F. Klimkin, 2004. Features of the biology of Stichaeus grigorjewi and S. nozawae (Stichaeidae) in waters of the northern Primorye. Vopr. Ikhtiol. 44(5):637-644. 2004 Stichaeus grigorjewi 637-644
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75015 Kalchugin, P.V., O.I. Pushchina, V.V. Panchenko and S.F. Solomatov, 2006. Distribution and some biological traits of Stichaeus grigorjewi in waters of the northern Primorie (Sea of Japan). Vopr. Ikhtiol. 46(4):512-518. 2006 Stichaeus grigorjewi 512-518
83882 FAO-FIES, 2010. Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Information System (ASFIS) species list. Retrieved from, March 2010. 2010 Stichaeus grigorjewi -->
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101110 FAO-FIES, 2015. Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Information System (ASFIS) species list. Retrieved from, [accessed 13/04/2015]. 2015 Stichaeus grigorjewi -->
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