List of Species Treated in Reference And Used in FishBase
n = 24
Species Name Used in Reference
Hymenocephalus aeger Gilbert & Hubbs, 1920 Hymenocephalus aeger (p. 58;fig.30A-G,37)
Hymenocephalus antraeus Gilbert & Cramer, 1897 Hymenocephalus antraeus (p. 47;fig.22A-G,27)
Hymenocephalus aterrimus Gilbert, 1905 Hymenocephalus aterrimus (p. 33;fig.13A-L,16)
Hymenocephalus barbatulus Gilbert & Hubbs, 1920 Hymenocephalus barbatulus (p. 35;fig.14A-B,16)
Hymenocephalus billsam Marshall & Iwamoto, 1973 Hymenocephalus billsam (p. 41;fig.17A-H,21)
Hymenocephalus hachijoensis Okamura, 1970 Hymenocephalus hachijoensis (p. 49;fig.23A-D,27)
Hymenocephalus heterolepis (Alcock, 1889) Hymenocephalus heterolepis (p. )
Hymenocephalus italicus Giglioli, 1884 Hymenocephalus italicus (p. 55;fig.28A-P,20)
Hymenocephalus iwamotoi Schwarzhans, 2014 Hymenocephalus iwamotoi (p. 30;fig.10A-B;11A-I,12)
Hymenocephalus lethonemus Jordan & Gilbert, 1904 Hymenocephalus lethonemus (p. 42;fig.18A-G,21)
Hymenocephalus longibarbis (Günther, 1887) Hymenocephalus longibarbis (p. 27;fig.8A-L,12;)
Hymenocephalus longipes Smith & Radcliffe, 1912 Hymenocephalus longipes (p. 29;fig.9A-G,12)
Hymenocephalus nascens Gilbert & Hubbs, 1920 Hymenocephalus nascens (p. 43;fig.19A-P,21)
Hymenocephalus nesaeae Merrett & Iwamoto, 2000 Hymenocephalus nesaeae (p. 36;fig.14C-E,16)
Hymenocephalus papyraceus Jordan & Gilbert, 1904 Hymenocephalus papyraceus (p. 37;fig.14F-J,16)
Hymenocephalus punt Schwarzhans, 2014 Hymenocephalus punt (p. 52;fig.1D-F,25A-B,26A-K,27)
Hymenocephalus sazonovi Schwarzhans, 2014 Hymenocephalus sazonovi (p. 38;fig.15A-F,16)
Hymenocephalus striatulus Gilbert, 1905 Hymenocephalus striatulus (p. 45;fig.20A-G,21)
Hymenogadus gracilis (Gilbert & Hubbs, 1920) Hymenogadus gracilis (p. 25;fig.6A-I,7)
Hymenogadus tenuis (Gilbert & Hubbs, 1917) Hymenogadus tenuis (p. 26;fig.6J-L,7)
Spicomacrurus adelscotti (Iwamoto & Merrett, 1997) Spicomacrurus adelscotti (p. 20;fig.3C-D,4A-B,5)
Spicomacrurus dictyogadus Iwamoto, Shao & Ho, 2011 Spicomacrurus dictyogadus (p. 20;fig.3A-B,5)
Spicomacrurus kuronumai (Kamohara, 1938) Spicomacrurus kuronumai (p. 21;fig.3E-F,4E-G,5)
Spicomacrurus mccoskeri Iwamoto, Shao & Ho, 2011 Spicomacrurus mccoskeri (p. 22;fig.3G-H,4C-D,5)
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