List of Species Treated in Reference And Used in FishBase
n = 33
Species Name Used in Reference
Plectranthias alleni Randall, 1980 Plectranthias alleni (p. 113;fig.2;tab.4)
Plectranthias anthioides (Günther, 1872) Plectranthias anthioides (p. 116;fig.3)
Plectranthias azumanus (Jordan & Richardson, 1910) Plectranthias kelloggi azumanus (p. 147;tab.11)
Plectranthias bauchotae Randall, 1980 Plectranthias bauchotae (p. 118;fig.4;tab.5)
Plectranthias cirrhitoides Randall, 1980 Plectranthias cirrhitoides (p. 121;fig.5;tab.6)
Plectranthias foresti Fourmanoir, 1977 Plectranthias foresti (p. 124;fig.6)
Plectranthias fourmanoiri Randall, 1980 Plectranthias fourmanoiri (p. 125;fig.7;tab.7)
Plectranthias gardineri (Regan, 1908) Plectranthias gardineri (p. 129;fig.8)
Plectranthias garrupellus Robins & Starck, 1961 Plectranthias garrupellus (p. 130;fig.9)
Plectranthias helenae Randall, 1980 Plectranthias helenae (p. 131;fig.10;tab.8)
Plectranthias inermis Randall, 1980 Plectranthias inermis (p. 135;fig.11;tab.9)
Plectranthias intermedius (Kotthaus, 1973) Plectranthias intermedius (p. 138;fig.12)
Plectranthias japonicus (Steindachner, 1883) Plectranthias japonicus (p. 139;fig.13)
Plectranthias kamii Randall, 1980 Plectranthias kamii (p. 141;fig.14;tab.10)
Plectranthias kelloggi (Jordan & Evermann, 1903) Plectranthias kelloggi (p. 145;fig.15;tab.11)
Plectranthias longimanus (Weber, 1913) Plectranthias longimanus (p. 148;fig.16)
Plectranthias maculicauda (Regan, 1914) Plectranthias maculicauda (p. 151;fig.17)
Plectranthias maugei Randall, 1980 Plectranthias maugei (p. 152;fig.18;tab.12)
Plectranthias megalepis (Günther, 1880) Anthias megalepis (p. )
Plectranthias megalepis (Günther, 1880) Plectranthias megalepis (p. 156;fig.19)
Plectranthias megalophthalmus Fourmanoir & Randall, 1979 Plectranthias megalophthalmus (p. 157;fig.20)
Plectranthias melanesius Randall, 1980 Plectranthias kelloggi melanesius (p. 147;tab.11)
Plectranthias morgansi (Smith, 1961) Plectranthias morgansi (p. 158;fig.21)
Plectranthias nanus Randall, 1980 Plectranthias nanus (p. 159;fig.22;tab.13-4)
Plectranthias retrofasciatus Fourmanoir & Randall, 1979 Plectranthias retrofasciatus (p. 166;fig.23)
Plectranthias rubrifasciatus Fourmanoir & Randall, 1979 Plectranthias rubrifasciatus (p. 167;fig.24)
Plectranthias sagamiensis (Katayama, 1964) Plectranthias sagamiensis (p. 168;fig.25)
Plectranthias taylori Randall, 1980 Plectranthias taylori (p. 170;fig.26;tab.15)
Plectranthias vexillarius Randall, 1980 Plectranthias vexillarius (p. 173;fig.27;tab.16)
Plectranthias wheeleri Randall, 1980 Plectranthias wheeleri (p. 175;fig.28-9;tab.17)
Plectranthias whiteheadi Randall, 1980 Plectranthias whiteheadi (p. 179;fig.30;tab.18)
Plectranthias winniensis (Tyler, 1966) Plectranthias winniensis (p. 182;fig.31)
Plectranthias yamakawai Yoshino, 1972 Plectranthias yamakawai (p. 184;fig.32)
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