List of Species Treated in Reference And Used in FishBase
n = 18
Species Name Used in Reference
Distichodus brevipinnis Günther, 1864 Distichodus brevipinnis (p. 295;fig.21.7)
Distichodus engycephalus Günther, 1864 Distichodus engycephalus (p. 291;fig.21.5)
Distichodus rostratus Günther, 1864 Distichodus rostratus (p. 293;fig.21.6)
Ichthyborus besse (Joannis, 1835) Ichthyborus besse (p. 287;fig.21.2)
Ichthyborus monodi (Pellegrin, 1927) Ichthyborus monodi (p. 289;fig.21.4)
Ichthyborus quadrilineatus (Pellegrin, 1904) Ichthyborus quadrilineatus (p. 289;fig.21.3)
Nannaethiops unitaeniatus Günther, 1872 Nannaethiops unitaeniatus (p. 305;fig.21.14)
Nannocharax ansorgii Boulenger, 1911 Nannocharax ansorgii (p. 299;fig.21.9)
Nannocharax fasciatus Günther, 1867 Nannocharax fasciatus (p. 305;fig.21.13)
Nannocharax latifasciatus Coenen & Teugels, 1989 Nannocharax latifasciatus (p. 301;fig.21.10)
Nannocharax lineomaculatus Blache & Miton, 1960 Nannocharax lineomaculatus (p. 301;fig.21.11)
Nannocharax occidentalis Daget, 1959 Nannocharax occidentalis (p. 303;fig.21.12)
Neolebias ansorgii Boulenger, 1912 Neolebias ansorgii (p. 307;fig.21.15)
Neolebias axelrodi Poll & Gosse, 1963 Neolebias axelrodi (p. 309;fig.21.17)
Neolebias powelli Teugels & Roberts, 1990 Neolebias powelli (p. 311;fig.21.18)
Neolebias unifasciatus Steindachner, 1894 Neolebias unifasciatus (p. 309;fig.21.16)
Paradistichodus dimidiatus (Pellegrin, 1904) Paradistichodus dimidiatus (p. 295;fig.21.8)
Phago loricatus Günther, 1865 Phago loricatus (p. 283;fig.21.1)
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