List of Species Treated in Reference And Used in FishBase
n = 57
Species Name Used in Reference
Acanthopsoides namromensis Nguyen, 2005 Acanthopsoides namromensis (p. 559;fig.8)
Annamia thuathienensis Nguyen, 2005 Annamia thuathienensis (p. 579;fig.21)
Balitora haithanhi Nguyen, 2005 Balitora haithanhi (p. 599;fig.32)
Balitora nigrocorpa Nguyen, 2005 Balitora nigrocorpa (p. 594;fig.29)
Balitora vanlani Nguyen, 2005 Balitora vanlani (p. 597;fig.31)
Balitora vanlongi Nguyen, 2005 Balitora vanlongi (p. 596;fig.30)
Beaufortia fasciolata Nguyen, 2005 Beaufortia fasciolata (p. 588; fig.26)
Beaufortia multiocellata Nguyen, 2005 Beaufortia multiocellata (p. 592;fig.28)
Beaufortia triocellata Nguyen, 2005 Beaufortia triocellata (p. 590;fig.27)
Cobitis guttata (Nguyen, 2005) Acantopsis guttatus (p. 557;fig.7)
Cobitis nuicocensis Nguyen & Vo, 2005 Cobitis nuicocensis (p. 560;fig.9)
Cranoglanis caolangensis Nguyen, 2005 Cranoglanis caolangensis (p. 634;fig.50)
Cranoglanis songhongensis Nguyen, 2005 Cranoglanis songhongensis (p. 636;fig.51)
Euchiloglanis dorsoarcus Nguyen, 2005 Euchiloglanis dorsoarcus (p. 644;fig.55)
Euchiloglanis phongthoensis Nguyen, 2005 Euchiloglanis phongthoensis (p. 646;fig.56)
Hemibagrus camthuyensis Nguyen, 2005 Hemibagrus camthuyensis (p. 632;fig.49)
Hemibagrus chiemhoaensis Nguyen, 2005 Hemibagrus chiemhoaensis (p. 627;fig.46)
Hemibagrus dongbacensis Nguyen, 2005 Hemibagrus dongbacensis (p. 631;fig.48)
Hemibagrus songdaensis Nguyen, 2005 Hemibagrus songdaensis (p. 629;fig.47)
Hemibagrus taybacensis Nguyen, 2005 Hemibagrus taybacensis (p. 625)
Hemimyzon songamensis Nguyen, 2005 Hemimyzon songamensis (p. 601;fig.33)
Leiocassis brevirostris Nguyen, 2005 Leiocassis brevirostris (p. 619)
Leiocassis yeni Nguyen & Nguyen, 2005 Leiocassis yeni (p. 621;fig.44)
Nahangbagrus songamensis Nguyen & Vo, 2005 Nahangbagrus songamensis (p. 551;fig.4)
Oreoglanis infulata Ng & Freyhof, 2001 Oreoglanis pumatensis (p. 648;fig.57)
Parabotia kimluani Nguyen, 2005 Parabotia kimluani (p. 553;fig.5)
Parabotia vancuongi Nguyen, 2005 Parabotia vancuongi (p. 555;fig.6)
Paracobitis hagiangensis Nguyen, 2005 Paracobitis hagiangensis (p. 565;fig.12)
Paracobitis phongthoensis Nguyen, 2005 Paracobitis phongthoensis (p. 564;fig.11)
Parasewellia monolobata Nguyen & Nguyen, 2005 Parasewellia monolobata (p. 546;fig.2)
Parasewellia polylobata Nguyen & Nguyen, 2005 Parasewellia polylobata (p. 548;fig.3)
Parasewellia tetralobata Nguyen & Nguyen, 2005 Parasewellia tetralobata (p. 545;fig.1)
Pareuchiloglanis brevicaudatus Nguyen, 2005 Pareuchiloglanis brevicaudatus (p. 642)
Pareuchiloglanis namdeensis Nguyen, 2005 Pareuchiloglanis namdeensis (p. 638;fig.52)
Pareuchiloglanis tamduongensis Nguyen, 2005 Pareuchiloglanis tamduongensis (p. 640;fig.53)
Pelteobagrus tonkinensis Nguyen, 2005 Pelteobagrus tonkinensis (p. 615;fig.41)
Schistura hoai (Nguyen, 2005) Schistura hoai (p. 568;fig.14)
Schistura melarancia Kottelat, 2000 Oreias lineatus (p. 567;fig.13)
Schistura punctatus (Nguyen, 2005) Oreias punctatus (p. 570;fig.15)
Sewellia analis Nguyen & Nguyen, 2005 Sewellia analis (p. 587;fig.25)
Sewellia medius Nguyen & Nguyen, 2005 Sewellia medius (p. 585;fig.24)
Sewellia songboensis Nguyen & Nguyen, 2005 Sewellia songboensis (p. 581;fig.22)
Sewellia trakhucensis Nguyen & Nguyen, 2005 Sewellia trakhucensis (p. 583;fig.23)
Sinogastromyzon daon Nguyen, 2005 Sinogastromyzon daon (p. 605;fig.35)
Sinogastromyzon hagiangensis Nguyen, 2005 Sinogastromyzon hagiangensis (p. 608;fig.37)
Sinogastromyzon hexaocellum Nguyen, 2005 Sinogastromyzon hexaocellum (p. 612;fig.39)
Sinogastromyzon hypercorpus Nguyen, 2005 Sinogastromyzon hypercorpus (p. 603;fig.34)
Sinogastromyzon maon Nguyen & Nguyen, 2005 Sinogastromyzon maon (p. 607;fig.36)
Sinogastromyzon multiocellum Nguyen, 2005 Sinogastromyzon multiocellum (p. 614;fig.40)
Sinogastromyzon namnaensis Nguyen, 2005 Sinogastromyzon namnaensis (p. 610;fig.38)
Tachysurus longispinalis (Nguyen, 2005) Leiocassis longispinalis (p. 617;fig.42)
Traccatichthys bacmeensis (Nguyen & Vo, 2005) Micronemacheilus bacmeensis (p. 562;fig.10)
Vanmanenia caobangensis Nguyen, 2005 Vanmanenia caobangensis (p. 571;fig.16)
Vanmanenia microlepis Nguyen, 2005 Vanmanenia microlepis (p. 578;fig.20)
Vanmanenia monofasciodorsala Nguyen, 2005 Vanmanenia monofasciodorsala (p. 574;fig.18)
Vanmanenia nahangensis Nguyen, 2005 Vanmanenia nahangensis (p. 572;fig.17)
Vanmanenia trifasciodorsala Nguyen, 2005 Vanmanenia trifasciodorsala (p. 576;fig.19)
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