List of Species Treated in Reference And Used in FishBase
n = 29
Species Name Used in Reference
Meiacanthus abditus Smith-Vaniz, 1987 Meiacanthus abditus (p. 15;fig.7b,8b)
Meiacanthus atrodorsalis (Günther, 1877) Meiacanthus atrodorsalis (p. 32;fig.23a-f,24a-d)
Meiacanthus bundoon Smith-Vaniz, 1976 Meiacanthus bundoon (p. 44)
Meiacanthus crinitus Smith-Vaniz, 1987 Meiacanthus crinitus (p. 20;fig.7e-f)
Meiacanthus ditrema Smith-Vaniz, 1976 Meiacanthus ditrema (p. 9)
Meiacanthus geminatus Smith-Vaniz, 1976 Meiacanthus geminatus (p. 22)
Meiacanthus grammistes (Valenciennes, 1836) Meiacanthus grammistes (p. 21)
Meiacanthus limbatus Smith-Vaniz, 1987 Meiacanthus limbatus (p. 19;fig.7c)
Meiacanthus lineatus (De Vis, 1884) Meiacanthus lineatus (p. 9;fig.7a,8a)
Meiacanthus luteus Smith-Vaniz, 1987 Meiacanthus luteus (p. 25;fig.14d-f)
Meiacanthus naevius Smith-Vaniz, 1987 Meiacanthus naevius (p. 20;fig.7d)
Meiacanthus oualanensis (Günther, 1880) Meiacanthus ovalauensis (p. 42;fig.24e)
Meiacanthus phaeus Smith-Vaniz, 1976 Meiacanthus phaeus (p. 9)
Meiacanthus procne Smith-Vaniz, 1976 Meiacanthus procne (p. 43)
Meiacanthus reticulatus Smith-Vaniz, 1976 Meiacanthus reticulatus (p. 44;fig.25)
Meiacanthus smithi Klausewitz, 1962 Meiacanthus smithi (p. 31)
Meiacanthus tongaensis Smith-Vaniz, 1987 Meiacanthus tongaensis (p. 43;fig.24f)
Meiacanthus vicinus Smith-Vaniz, 1987 Meiacanthus vicinus (p. 25;fig.14b)
Petroscirtes ancylodon Rüppell, 1835 Petroscirtes ancylodon (p. 3)
Petroscirtes breviceps (Valenciennes, 1836) Petroscirtes breviceps (p. 2)
Petroscirtes marginatus Smith-Vaniz, 1976 Petroscirtes marginatus (p. 2)
Petroscirtes springeri Smith-Vaniz, 1976 Petroscirtes springeri (p. 2)
Petroscirtes variabilis Cantor, 1849 Petroscirtes variabilis (p. 2-3)
Plagiotremus iosodon Smith-Vaniz, 1976 Plagiotremus iosodon (p. 46)
Plagiotremus laudandus (Whitley, 1961) Plagiotremus laudandus (p. 49-50)
Plagiotremus phenax Smith-Vaniz, 1976 Plagiotremus phenax (p. 50)
Plagiotremus spilistius Gill, 1865 Plagiotremus spilistius (p. 47)
Plagiotremus townsendi (Regan, 1905) Plagiotremus townsendi (p. 50)
Xiphasia setifer Swainson, 1839 Xiphasia setifer (p. 3-5)
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