List of Species Treated in Reference And Used in FishBase
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Species Name Used in Reference
Aspiorhynchus laticeps (Day, 1877) Aspiorhynchus laticeps (p. 336)
Chuanchia labiosa Herzenstein, 1891 Chuanchia labiosa (p. 385)
Diptychus maculatus Steindachner, 1866 Diptychus maculatus (p. 338)
Gymnocypris chilianensis Li & Chang, 1974 Gymnocypris chilianensis (p. 362)
Gymnocypris chui Tchang, Yueh & Hwang, 1964 Gymnocypris chui (p. 358)
Gymnocypris dobula Günther, 1868 Gymnocypris dobula (p. )
Gymnocypris eckloni Herzenstein, 1891 Gymnocypris eckloni eckloni (p. 360)
Gymnocypris namensis (Wu & Ren, 1982) Gymnocypris namensis (p. 365)
Gymnocypris potanini Herzenstein, 1891 Gymnocypris potanini (p. 356)
Gymnocypris przewalskii (Kessler, 1876) Gymnocypris przewalskii (p. 363)
Gymnocypris waddellii Regan, 1905 Gymnocypris waddellii (p. )
Gymnodiptychus dybowskii (Kessler, 1874) Gymnodiptychus dybowskii (p. 349)
Gymnodiptychus integrigymnatus Mo, 1989 Gymnodiptychus integrigymnatus (p. 348)
Gymnodiptychus pachycheilus Herzenstein, 1892 Gymnodiptychus pachycheilus (p. 351)
Herzensteinia microcephalus (Herzenstein, 1891) Herzensteinia microcephalus (p. 389)
Oxygymnocypris stewartii (Lloyd, 1908) Oxygymnocypris stewarti (p. 367)
Platypharodon extremus Herzenstein, 1891 Platypharodon extremus (p. 387)
Ptychobarbus chungtienensis (Tsao, 1964) Ptychobarbus chungtienensis chungtienensis (p. 345)
Ptychobarbus conirostris Steindachner, 1866 Ptychobarbus conirostris (p. 341)
Ptychobarbus dipogon (Regan, 1905) Ptychobarbus dipogon (p. 342)
Ptychobarbus kaznakovi Nikolskii, 1903 Ptychobarbus kaznakovi (p. 343)
Schizopygopsis kessleri Herzenstein, 1891 Schizopygopsis kessleri (p. 376)
Schizopygopsis kialingensis Tsao & Tun, 1962 Schizopygopsis kialingensis (p. 383)
Schizopygopsis malacanthus Herzenstein, 1891 Schizopygopsis malacanthus (p. 373)
Schizopygopsis pylzovi Kessler, 1876 Schizopygopsis pylzovi (p. 377)
Schizopygopsis stoliczkai Steindachner, 1866 Schizopygopsis stoliczkai (p. )
Schizopygopsis thermalis Herzenstein, 1891 Schizopygopsis thermalis (p. 379)
Schizopygopsis younghusbandi Regan, 1905 Schizopygopsis younghusbandi (p. 382)
Schizothorax argentatus Kessler, 1874 Schizothorax argentatus (p. 307;fig.188)
Schizothorax biddulphi Günther, 1876 Schizothorax biddulphi (p. 314;fig.193)
Schizothorax chongi (Fang, 1936) Schizothorax chongi (p. 296;fig.182)
Schizothorax cryptolepis Fu & Ye, 1984 Schizothorax crytolepis (p. 299;fig.184)
Schizothorax davidi (Sauvage, 1880) Schizothorax davidi (p. 328;fig.203)
Schizothorax dolichonema Herzenstein, 1889 Schizothorax dolichonema (p. 294;fig.180)
Schizothorax dulongensis Huang, 1985 Schizothorax dulongensis (p. 284;fig.173)
Schizothorax elongatus Huang, 1985 Schizothorax elongatus (p. 286;fig.174)
Schizothorax gongshanensis Tsao, 1964 Schizothorax gongshanensis (p. 321;fig.198)
Schizothorax grahami (Regan, 1904) Schizothorax grahami (p. 298;fig.183)
Schizothorax griseus Pellegrin, 1931 Schizothorax griseus (p. 333;fig.206)
Schizothorax heterochilus Ye & Fu, 1986 Schizothorax heterochilus (p. 304;fig.187)
Schizothorax kozlovi Nikolskii, 1903 Schizothorax kozlovi (p. 327)
Schizothorax labiatus (McClelland, 1842) Schizothorax labiata (p. 331;fig.205)
Schizothorax labrosus Wang, Zhuang & Gao, 1981 Schizothorax labrosus (p. 324;fig.200)
Schizothorax lantsangensis Tsao, 1964 Schizothorax lantsangensis (p. 334;fig.207)
Schizothorax lissolabiatus Tsao, 1964 Schizothorax lissolabiatus (p. 302;fig.186)
Schizothorax longibarbus (Fang, 1936) Schizothorax longibarbus (p. 325;fig.201)
Schizothorax macropogon Regan, 1905 Schizothorax macropogon (p. 322;fig.199)
Schizothorax malacanthus Huang, 1985 Schizothorax malacanthus (p. 288;fig.176)
Schizothorax meridionalis Tsao, 1964 Schizothorax meridionalis (p. 283;fig.172)
Schizothorax microstomus Hwang, 1982 Schizothorax microstomus (p. 313;fig.192)
Schizothorax molesworthi (Chaudhuri, 1913) Schizothorax molesworthi (p. 280;fig.170)
Schizothorax myzostomus Tsao, 1964 Schizothorax myzostomus (p. 287;fig.175)
Schizothorax ninglangensis Wang, Zhang & Zhuang, 1981 Schizothorax ninglangensis (p. 312;fig.191)
Schizothorax nukiangensis Tsao, 1964 Schizothorax nukiangensis (p. 301;fig.185)
Schizothorax oconnori Lloyd, 1908 Schizothorax oconnori (p. 289;fig.177)
Schizothorax oligolepis Huang, 1985 Schizothorax oligolepis (p. 282;fig.171)
Schizothorax parvus Tsao, 1964 Schizothorax parvus (p. 310;fig.190)
Schizothorax plagiostomus Heckel, 1838 Schizothorax plagiostomus (p. 279;fig.169)
Schizothorax prenanti (Tchang, 1930) Schizothorax prenanti (p. 292;fig.179)
Schizothorax pseudoaksaiensis Herzenstein, 1889 Schizothorax pseudaksaiensis (p. 308;fig.189)
Schizothorax sinensis Herzenstein, 1889 Schizothorax sinensis (p. 295;fig.181)
Schizothorax waltoni Regan, 1905 Schizothorax waltoni (p. 330;fig.204)
Schizothorax wangchiachii (Fang, 1936) Schizothorax wangchiachii (p. 291;fig.178)
Schizothorax yunnanensis Norman, 1923 Schizothorax yunnanensis paoshanensis (p. 318;fig.195)
Schizothorax yunnanensis Norman, 1923 Schizothorax yunnanensis weiningensis (p. 319;fig.196)
Schizothorax yunnanensis Norman, 1923 Schizothorax yunnanensis yunnanensis (p. 316;fig.194)
Tachysurus sinensis Lacepède, 1803 Tachysurus sinensis (p. )
Zacco taliensis (Regan, 1907) Schizothorax taliensis (p. 320;fig.197)
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