List of Species Treated in Reference And Used in FishBase
n = 25
Species Name Used in Reference
Scorpaenopsis altirostris Gilbert, 1905 Scorpaenopsis altirostris (p. 12;fig.2-3;tab.1-2)
Scorpaenopsis barbata (Rüppell, 1838) Scorpaenopsis barbata (p. 13;fig.3;pl.IA-C,XA-B;tab.1,2)
Scorpaenopsis brevifrons Eschmeyer & Randall, 1975 Scorpaenopsis brevifrons (p. 14)
Scorpaenopsis cacopsis Jenkins, 1901 Scorpaenopsis cacopsis (p. 16;fig.3pl.IIB,XD;tab.1-2)
Scorpaenopsis cirrosa (Thunberg, 1793) Scorpaenopsis cirrhosa (p. 17;fig.3;pl.IIC-D,XE;tab.1-2)
Scorpaenopsis cotticeps Fowler, 1938 Scorpaenopsis cotticeps (p. 18;fig.3;pl.IIIA-B;tab.1-2)
Scorpaenopsis diabolus (Cuvier, 1829) Scorpaenopsis diabolus (p. 19;fig.4;pl.IIIC-D,XF-H;)
Scorpaenopsis furneauxi Whitley, 1959 Scorpaenopsis furneauxi (p. 23;fig.4-5;tab.1-2)
Scorpaenopsis gibbosa (Bloch & Schneider, 1801) Scorpaenopsis gibbosa (p. 24;fig.6-7;tab.1-2)
Scorpaenopsis gilchristi (Smith, 1957) Scorpaenopsis gilchristi (p. )
Scorpaenopsis lactomaculata (Herre, 1945) Scorpaenopsis lactomaculata (p. )
Scorpaenopsis longispina Randall & Eschmeyer, 2002 Scorpaenopsis longispina (p. 29;fig.9;pl.IVB-C;tab.1-3)
Scorpaenopsis macrochir Ogilby, 1910 Scorpaenopsis macrochir (p. )
Scorpaenopsis neglecta Heckel, 1837 Scorpaenopsis neglecta (p. 36;fig.9;pl.VA,XIB;tab.1,2)
Scorpaenopsis obtusa Randall & Eschmeyer, 2002 Scorpaenopsis obtusa (p. 37;fig.9-10;tab.1,2,4)
Scorpaenopsis orientalis Randall & Eschmeyer, 2002 Scorpaenopsis orientalis (p. 41;fig.11;pl.VB,XIC;tab.1,2,5)
Scorpaenopsis oxycephalus (Bleeker, 1849) Scorpaenopsis oxycephala (p. )
Scorpaenopsis papuensis (Cuvier, 1829) Scorpaenopsis papuensis (p. )
Scorpaenopsis pluralis Randall & Eschmeyer, 2002 Scorpaenopsis pluralis (p. 50;fig.12-13;tab.1,2,6)
Scorpaenopsis possi Randall & Eschmeyer, 2002 Scorpaenopsis possi (p. 54;fig.13;pl.VIIB-D,XIIA-C;)
Scorpaenopsis pusilla Randall & Eschmeyer, 2002 Scorpaenopsis pusilla (p. 60;fig.14;pl.VIIIA;tab.1,2,8)
Scorpaenopsis ramaraoi Randall & Eschmeyer, 2002 Scorpaenopsis ramaraoi (p. 64)
Scorpaenopsis venosa (Cuvier, 1829) Scorpaenopsis venosa (p. 68;fig.15,pl.IXB,C, XII E,F;)
Scorpaenopsis vittapinna Randall & Eschmeyer, 2002 Scorpaenopsis vittapinna (p. 71)
Sebastapistes fowleri (Pietschmann, 1934) Sebastapistes fowleri (p. 3)
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