List of Species Treated in Reference And Used in FishBase
n = 30
Species Name Used in Reference
Polyipnus aquavitus Baird, 1971 Polyipnus aquavitus (p. 498;fig.36)
Polyipnus asper Harold, 1994 Polyipnus asper (p. 504;fig.42)
Polyipnus asteroides Schultz, 1938 Polyipnus asteroides (p. 484-486;fig.27)
Polyipnus bruuni Harold, 1994 Polyipnus bruuni (p. 486;fig.29)
Polyipnus clarus Harold, 1994 Polyipnus clarus (p. 488;fig.31)
Polyipnus danae Harold, 1990 Polyipnus danae (p. 499)
Polyipnus elongatus Borodulina, 1979 Polyipnus elongatus (p. 506;fig.44)
Polyipnus fraseri Fowler, 1934 Polyipnus fraseri (p. 508-510;fig.47)
Polyipnus indicus Schultz, 1961 Polyipnus indicus (p. 510;fig.48)
Polyipnus inermis Borodulina, 1981 Polyipnus inermis (p. 512)
Polyipnus kiwiensis Baird, 1971 Polyipnus kiwiensis (p. 475-477)
Polyipnus laternatus Garman, 1899 Polyipnus laternatus (p. 490;fig.32)
Polyipnus matsubarai Schultz, 1961 Polyipnus matsubarai (p. 477-478)
Polyipnus meteori Kotthaus, 1967 Polyipnus meteori (p. 479;fig.24)
Polyipnus nuttingi Gilbert, 1905 Polyipnus nuttingi (p. 513;fig.51)
Polyipnus oluolus Baird, 1971 Polyipnus oluolus (p. 515;fig.52)
Polyipnus omphus Baird, 1971 Polyipnus omphus (p. 496,501;fig.40)
Polyipnus ovatus Harold, 1994 Polyipnus ovatus (p. 480)
Polyipnus parini Borodulina, 1979 Polyipnus parini (p. 517-518)
Polyipnus paxtoni Harold, 1989 Polyipnus paxtoni (p. 518;fig.54)
Polyipnus polli Schultz, 1961 Polyipnus polli (p. 492;fig.33)
Polyipnus ruggeri Baird, 1971 Polyipnus ruggeri (p. 483;fig.26)
Polyipnus soelae Harold, 1994 Polyipnus soelae (p. 520;fig.55)
Polyipnus spinifer Borodulina, 1979 Polyipnus spinifer (p. 523-524)
Polyipnus spinosus Günther, 1887 Polyipnus spinosus (p. 524-526)
Polyipnus stereope Jordan & Starks, 1904 Polyipnus stereope (p. 526-528)
Polyipnus surugaensis Aizawa, 1990 Polyipnus surugaensis (p. 494)
Polyipnus tridentifer McCulloch, 1914 Polyipnus tridentifer (p. 528-529)
Polyipnus triphanos Schultz, 1938 Polyipnus triphanos (p. 495;fig.34)
Polyipnus unispinus Schultz, 1938 Polyipnus unispinus (p. 502;fig.41)
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