List of Species Treated in Reference And Used in FishBase
n = 37
Species Name Used in Reference
Alestes liebrechtsii Boulenger, 1898 Alestes liebrechtsii (p. Tab.1)
Brycinus grandisquamis (Boulenger, 1899) Brycinus grandisquamis (p. Tab.1)
Brycinus poptae (Pellegrin, 1906) Brycinus poptae (p. Tab.1)
Bryconaethiops boulengeri Pellegrin, 1900 Bryconaethiops boulengeri (p. Tab.1)
Bryconaethiops microstoma Günther, 1873 Bryconaethiops microstoma (p. Tab.1)
Chrysichthys ornatus Boulenger, 1902 Chrysichthys ornatus (p. Tab.1)
Chrysichthys punctatus Boulenger, 1899 Chrysichthys punctatus (p. Tab.1)
Chrysichthys thonneri Steindachner, 1912 Chrysichthys thonneri (p. Tab.1)
Clarias angolensis Steindachner, 1866 Clarias angolensis (p. Tab.1)
Congolapia bilineata (Pellegrin, 1900) Congolapia bilineata (p. Tab.1)
Coptodon congica (Poll & Thys van den Audenaerde, 1960) Coptodon congica (p. Tab.1)
Ctenopoma acutirostre Pellegrin, 1899 Ctenopoma acutirostre (p. Tab.1)
Distichodus affinis Günther, 1873 Distichodus affinis (p. Tab.1)
Distichodus noboli Boulenger, 1899 Distichodus noboli (p. Tab.1)
Eugnathichthys macroterolepis Boulenger, 1899 Eugnathichthys macroterolepis (p. Tab.1)
Hemichromis elongatus (Guichenot, 1861) Hemichromis elongatus (p. Tab.1)
Hepsetus microlepis (Boulenger, 1901) Hepsetus microlepis (p. Tab.1)
Heterochromis multidens (Pellegrin, 1900) Heterochromis multidens (p. Tab.1)
Hippopotamyrus weeksii (Boulenger, 1902) Hippopotamyrus weeksii (p. Tab.1)
Marcusenius moorii (Günther, 1867) Marcusenius moorii (p. Tab.1)
Mormyrops nigricans Boulenger, 1899 Mormyrops nigricans (p. Tab.1)
Mormyrus caballus Boulenger, 1898 Mormyrus caballus (p. Tab.1)
Papyrocranus congoensis (Nichols & La Monte, 1932) Papyrocranus congoensis (p. Tab.1)
Parauchenoglanis punctatus (Boulenger, 1902) Parauchenoglanis punctatus (p. Tab.1)
Petrocephalus balayi Sauvage, 1883 Petrocephalus balayi (p. Tab.1)
Petrocephalus christyi Boulenger, 1920 Petrocephalus christyi (p. Tab.1)
Phago boulengeri Schilthuis, 1891 Phago boulengeri (p. Tab.1)
Pollimyrus nigripinnis (Boulenger, 1899) Pollimyrus nigripinnis (p. Tab.1)
Polypterus mokelembembe Schliewen & Schäfer, 2006 Polypterus mokelembembe (p. Tab.1)
Raiamas christyi (Boulenger, 1920) Raiamas christyi (p. Tab.1)
Schilbe grenfelli (Boulenger, 1900) Schilbe grenfelli (p. Tab.1)
Schilbe marmoratus Boulenger, 1911 Schilbe marmoratus (p. Tab.1)
Synodontis flavitaeniatus Boulenger, 1919 Synodontis flavitaeniatus (p. Tab.1)
Synodontis nigriventris David, 1936 Synodontis nigriventris (p. Tab.1)
Tylochromis lateralis (Boulenger, 1898) Tylochromis lateralis (p. Tab.1)
Xenocharax crassus Pellegrin, 1900 Xenocharax crassus (p. Tab.1)
Xenomystus nigri (Günther, 1868) Xenomystus nigri (p. Tab.1)
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