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tn_Sasar_u1.jpgSasar_u1.jpgPhoto by Hernández-González, C.L.
Canary Is.,by Hernández-González, C.L.(Sasar_u1.jpg)
tn_Sasar_u3.jpgSasar_u3.jpgPhoto by Wirtz, P.
Madeira Is.,by Wirtz, P.(Sasar_u3.jpg)
tn_Sasar_m0.jpgSasar_m0.jpgPhoto by Cambraia Duarte, P.M.N. (c)ImagDOP
Azores Is.,by Cambraia Duarte, P.M.N. (c)ImagDOP(Sasar_m0.jpg)
tn_Sasar_u0.jpgSasar_u0.jpgPhoto by Flescher, D.
by Flescher, D.(Sasar_u0.jpg)
tn_Sasar_u2.gifSasar_u2.gifPhoto by Margies, P.
Greece,by Margies, P.(Sasar_u2.gif)
tn_Sasar_u2.jpgSasar_u2.jpgPhoto by Abdul, N.
Trinidad Tobago,by Abdul, N.(Sasar_u2.jpg)
tn_Sasar_u1.gifSasar_u1.gifPhoto by FAO
by FAO(Sasar_u1.gif)
tn_Sasar_u0.gifSasar_u0.gifPhoto by Cada, L.A.
by Cada, L.A.(Sasar_u0.gif)

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../tools/UploadPhoto/uploads/1548302124_108.162.210.162.jpg Photo by Fernando Mistrorigo de Almeida
Brazil, Angra dos Reis, August 08 2018, 57cm, by Fernando Mistrorigo de Almeida

../tools/UploadPhoto/uploads/sarda.sarda.WNG.jpg Photo by Ferdinando Quaranta
Italy, Tirreno Sea, by Ferdinando Quaranta

../tools/UploadPhoto/uploads/1448878579_151.61.115.88.jpg Photo by Stefano Guerrieri
Italy, Tuscany, 07.08.2009, by Stefano Guerrieri

../tools/UploadPhoto/uploads/Plamtu_2k_1.jpg Photo by Martin Cutajar
Malta, Malta,31-01-09, 56cm, by Martin Cutajar
../tools/UploadPhoto/uploads/1346876603_88.203.42.62.jpg Photo by Nigel Sullivan
Malta, by Nigel Sullivan
../tools/UploadPhoto/uploads/1359640369_92.143.143.53.jpg Photo by Jeff Camrrubi
Azores Is., Flores, 2010, by Jeff Camrrubi

../tools/UploadPhoto/uploads/bonito4kgs.JPG Photo by Cristian Rodriguez
Spain, Cap de Creus, December-2008, by Cristian Rodriguez
../tools/UploadPhoto/uploads/1345407509_85.85.235.252.jpg Photo by iker uriarte
Spain, bermeo , october 2011, by iker uriarte

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Early Life History Pictures

tn_Sasar_l0.gifSasar_l0.gifPhoto by American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists
by American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists(Sasar_l0.gif)

Photos uploaded by FishWatchers

Sardasarda.jpgSardasarda.jpgPhoto by ,
(Sardasarda.jpg) by ,
A.Usai - palamita1.JPGA.Usai - palamita1.JPGPhoto by Usai, Alessandro
(A.Usai - palamita1.JPG) by Usai, Alessandro
Sarda_Sarda_RioMarina.jpgSarda_Sarda_RioMarina.jpgPhoto by Langeneck, Joachim
(Sarda_Sarda_RioMarina.jpg) by Langeneck, Joachim
a_bonito.jpga_bonito.jpgPhoto by Ueberschär, Bernd
(a_bonito.jpg) by Ueberschär, Bernd

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tn_Sasar_u4.jpgSasar_u4.jpgPhoto by Chada, T.
by Chada, T.(Sasar_u4.jpg)

Note: the photos shown on this page are low resolution scans in high compression JPEG format. The copyright remains with the photographers/institutes. If you want to use any of the photos/drawings, please contact the contributor for permission. However, we would appreciate a proper indication of the source. For other drawings where the originating publication is given, you have to ask the publisher and the author for permission to use those drawings.