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  from ETYFish
-ina (L.), belonging to: University of Tokyo zoologist Kakichi Mitsukuri (1858-1909), who placed holotype (provided by Alan Owson, see species) of this “very remarkable shark” in Jordan’s “hands to be identified, figured, and described”. (See ETYFish)
  Etymology of specific epithet  
  from ETYFish
In honor of Alan Owston (1853-1915), English businessman, yachtsman, collector of Asian wildlife, and resident of Yokohama, Japan, who secured holotype from a fisherman (named for Owston at the request of Kakichi Mitsukuri, see genus). (See ETYFish)
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Note: ETYFish and FishBase started a collaboration to complete the etymology for all valid names of fishes. For the current update, the following groups were completed: hagfishes (Myxini), lampreys (Petromyzonti), chimaeras (Holocephali), and sharks (Squalomorphi). It is a work in progress, so the two websites may not be synchronized.

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