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senior synonym, original combination
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A pending revision may recognize only one wide-ranging species, C. callorynchus, rather than the traditionally accepted 3 species (B. Marquadt, pers. comm., 10/02).
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  from ETYFish
Tautonymous with Chimaera callorynchus Linnaeus 1758 (but unnecessarily emended from -rynchus to -rhinchus: callum (L.), hard skin; rhynchus (L.), snout, referring to peculiar hoe-shaped proboscis. (See ETYFish)
  Etymology of specific epithet  
  from ETYFish
In honor of Bory de Saint-Vincent’s “old friend” (translation) Pierre Bernard Milius (1773‒1829), a French naval officer, naturalist and civil servant, who supplied specimen upon which description and its accompanying illustration (shown here) were based; (See ETYFish)
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